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This name uses Spanish naming customs: the first or paternal family name is López and the second or maternal family name is Estrada.
Carlos López Estrada
Occupation(s) Music video director
Associated acts Jesse & Joy, Passion Pit, Goo Goo Dolls, Saint Motel, Reptar (band), El Sportivo & The Blooz, MYPET, Maximum Balloon

Carlos López Estrada is a music video director and a Latin Grammy Award recipient. At the 13th Annual Latin Grammy Awards, López Estrada's music video for "Me Voy," by Mexican pop band Jesse & Joy, earned the title of Best Short Form Music Video.[1] The video, made in 2011, uses stop motion technique, and the production team trimmed 2900 photographs in order to create the sequences included.[2]

Also for Jesse & Joy, López Estrada directed "Chocolate," the lead single from their album Electricidad.[3] The music video for the single "Notbroken" by American band Goo Goo Dolls was directed by López Estrada in 2010.[4] He has also worked with American band Passion Pit on a remix of their song "Carried Away" by artist, Tiësto.[5] López Estrada has also directed and collaborated with bands such as Reptar,[6] El Sportivo & The Blooz,[7] MYPET, Saint Motel, and Maximum Balloon.[8] The music videos for the singles "No Para de Llover" and "Vuela Conmigo" by Mexican singer Erik Rubín were directed by López and shot in Los Angeles, California, where López also shot the video for the song "No Veo la Hora" by Argentinean singer-songwriter Noel Schajris, which was produced by London Alley Entertainment.[9][10] López directed the third single of Peligro by Mexican band Reik titled "Creo en Tí", the video was filmed in the Historic center of Mexico City.[11]

López Estrada's work has also made appearances in a number of festivals. "Tuck the Darkness In," a music video López Estrada directed for the band Bowerbirds, was featured at the Los Angeles Film Festival in a segment entitled 'Eclectic Mix'.[12] In 2011, his work was featured at SXSW when his video for Maximum Balloon, "Groove Me," screened.[13]

López Estrada also directed the short film BEAR, which integrates live-action and animation;[14] and also co-directed "Kangaroo Court" for the band Capital Cities in 2013.[15] The music video features American actor Darren Criss.[15]


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