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Carlos Morales is an actor in gay pornography.


Carlos Morales was born August 13 in Caracas, Venezuela. Carlos Morales started as a dancer in such an iconic NYC institution as the Gaiety Theater. Then moved on to Go-Go Dancing at The Roxy, Limelight, Zone DK, The Tunnel and Splash Bar. From there he started modeling and performing as a stripper. As a porn star, Carlos' first major work was for Miami-based producer Kristen Bjorn.[1] Starred in over 80 adult videos, working with many of the top production companies in the adult insdustry: SX Video, MSR Video, Titan Media, Falcon, Raging Stallion, Mustang, Hot House, Rascal Video, Colt, Big Blue Productions, All Worlds, Studio 2000, etc. He has been on the covers of many adult magazines including : Unzipped, Torso, BlueBoy, Mandate, HX, Next, Men, and [2], just to name a few[original research?]. In 2002, his website was launched and received the award for Best Overall Porn Site on the Web from and was nominated for Best Porn Star Site of 2005 by The Cybersocket Web Awards. Also, in 2002 he was selected Best Performer of the Year by Gay Chicago Magazine. He started his own production line having released his feature "Carlos Morales: Exposed. Home Movies Vol 1.and Carlos Morales "FETISH" in 2008. Since then Carlos has retired from the porn industry.His website closed in 2010 and Carlos has remain active in the social media circles but has not returned to porn or modeling since then.



  • Advocate Men Jun 1995 (Dirk Thomas), Aug 2002
  • Inches Dec 2000, Jan 2003
  • Torso Mar 1996, Feb 2000, Sept 2004
  • Mandate Dec 2001, May 2003, Feb 2004 (With Christophe Blanc)
  • Honcho Nov 1998, Feb 2000
  • All Man May 2001, Jan 2003
  • Playgirl Apr 1998
  • Jock June 1998, Aug 2002, Mar 2003, Aug 2004
  • Unzipped Oct 2001, Oct 2003
  • Blueboy Jul/Aug 1997
  • Indulge #088
  • Bound & Gagged Sept 2002, #93
  • Männer Aktuell Mai 1997
  • Latin Inches May 2004
  • Machismo Summer (V10n02)
  • Xxx Showcase V12 N04
  • HX Magazine Cover (6 Times)
  • Next Magazine Cover (3 Times)
  • Time Out NY Magazine Cover
  • [2] Magazine Spread April 2001


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