Carmina Burana (album)

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Carmina Burana
Studio album by Ray Manzarek
Released 1983
Genre Progressive Rock, Art Rock, Classical Crossover
Length 39:57
Label A&M
Producer Philip Glass, Kurt Munkacsi
Ray Manzarek chronology
The Whole Thing Started With Rock & Roll Now It's Out of Control
Carmina Burana
Ballads Before The Rain
with Roy Rogers

Carmina Burana is the third solo album by Ray Manzarek released in 1983. It is a recording of Carmina Burana by Carl Orff.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Destiny: Ruler of the World - The Wheel of Fortune (O Fortuna)
  2. Destiny: Ruler of the World - The Wounds of Fate (Fortune Plango)
  3. Springtime: The Face of Spring (Veris Leta Facies)
  4. Springtime: Sunrise (Omnia Sol Temperat)
  5. Springtime: Welcome (Ecce Gratum)
  6. Springtime: The Dance (Tanz) - (Tanz Mix: Ich Schau D mix)
  7. Springtime: Sweetest Boy (Dulcissime)
  8. Springtime: If the Whole World Was Mine (Were Diu Werlt)
  9. In the Tavern: Boiling Rage (Estuans Interius)
  10. In the Tavern: The Roasted Swan (Olim Lacus)
  11. In the Tavern: In the Tavern (In Taberna)
  12. The Court of Love: Love Flies Everywhere (Amor Volat)
  13. The Court of Love: A Young Girl (Stetit Puella)
  14. The Court of Love: Come, My Beauty (Veni Veni Venias)
  15. The Court of Love: The Lovers (Blanziflor et Helena)
  16. Destiny: Ruler of the World - The Wheel of Fortune (O Fortuna)