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Carolina Routier at or rather after the European Sprint Cup in Cremona, 2012.
Carolina Routier and Mario Mola in Pontevedra, 2011.
Carolina Routier at the European Cup triathlon in Antalya, 2011.
Carolina Routier at the European Cup triathlon in Antalya, 2011.
Carolina Routier at the Premium European Cup in Brasschaat, 2010.

Carolina Routier Cañigueral (born 23 April 1990 in Banyoles), also Caro(l) Routier, is a professional Catalan triathlete, the Spanish U23 Champion (Olympic Distance), Elite Sprint Champion, and the Spanish Aquathlon Champion (U23 and Elite) of the year 2011. Routier is also a member of the National Spanish Lifesaving Team (Selección Española de Salvamento y Socorrismo) and the 2008 European Junior Champion in lifesaving.

Carolina Routier represents the Catalan clubs CN (Club natació) Banyoles, Club Triatló Costa de Barcelona-Maresme, and Triatló Vilanova (Inverse Ditec Triatló Vilanova). In the Circuit Català of the year 2009, she won the silver medal.[1]

Routier studied Advertising and Public Relations at the Faculty of Tourism of the Universitat de Girona, for which she won the silver medal at the Spanish University Triathlon Championships of the year 2010. She later dropped out of the Advertising and Public Relations studies to work towards a Communications degree from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.[2]

She lives in the Madrid-based Residencia Joaquín Blume (Spanish Triathlon High Performance Centre). Tamara Gómez Garrido, fellow triathlete, also lived there.

Carolina Routier's fiancé is the Spanish Olympian triathlete Mario Mola.

ITU Competitions[edit]

In 2010 and 2011, Routier took part in 14 ITU events. In 2012, she won the Ibero American Championships in Chile and the Sprint African Cup in Larache. Unless indicated otherwise the following competitions are triathlons and belong to the Elite category. The list is based upon the official ITU rankings and the athlete's ITU Profile Page.[3]

Date Competition Place Rank
  2010-04-11   European Cup Quarteira 33
  2010-05-28   FISU 10th World University Triathlon Championships Valencia 27
  2010-06-27   Premium European Cup Brasschaat 28
  2010-08-15   European Cup Geneva 22
  2010-08-28   European Championships (U23) Vila Nova de Gaia (Porto) 16
  2010-09-26   Pan American Cup and Iberoamerican Championships Guatape 10
  2011-02-26   Pan American Cup and South American Championships Salinas 4
  2011-04-03   European Cup Antalya 19
  2011-04-09   European Cup Quarteira DNF
  2011-05-29   Premium European Cup Brasschaat 29
  2011-06-12   Pan American Cup and Ibero American Championships Cartagena DNF
  2011-07-31   Premium European Cup Banyoles 11
  2011-08-21   European Cup Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) 16
  2011-10-09   World Cup Huatulco 31
  2012-01-22   Pan American Cup and Iberoamerican Championships Viña del Mar 1
  2012-03-31   European Cup Quarteira 25
  2012-04-07   Sprint Triathlon African Cup Larache 1
  2012-04-20   European Championships (Mixed Relay) Eilat 5
  2012-04-20   European Championships Eilat 25
  2012-05-26   World Triathlon Series Madrid 52
  2012-06-10   Sprint Triathlon European Cup Cremona 6
  2012-06-17   World Cup Banyoles DNF

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