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Churchill circa 1909

Caroline Nichols Churchill (1833–1926) was an American feminist.[1]


Caroline Nichols Churchill was born in Pickering, Ontario, Canada on December 23, 1833 to American parents.[2][3] She emigrated to the United States to live with her grandmother in 1846.[4] She taught in Minnesota in 1857.[3] Her husband died in 1862, and she moved to California after she contracted tuberculosis.[4] She campaigned against misogynistic state laws there.[4]

In 1879, she founded the first feminist newspaper in Denver called the Colorado Antelope, lately known as the Queen Bee.[2][5][6][7] She supported women's suffrage and temperance, and opposed Catholicism.[1] She later moved in with her sister in Colorado Springs until her death in 1926.[3]


  • Little Sheaves (1874)
  • Over the Purple Hills, or Sketches from Travel in California (1883)
  • Active Footsteps (1909)


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