Caroline Henderson (author)

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Caroline Henderson
Born Caroline Boa
Wisconsin, USA
Died 1966
Nationality American
Education Mount Holyoke College
Occupation Schoolteacher, farmer, author
Spouse(s) Wilhelmine Eugene Henderson
Children Eleanor Henderson

Caroline Henderson (1877-1966) was an American schoolteacher, farmer and author during the Dust Bowl.


Early life[edit]

Caroline Boa was born on April 7, 1877 in Wisconsin.[1] She grew up on a farm in Iowa.[2] She graduated Mount Holyoke College in 1901.


She taught English and Latin at a high school in Red Oak, Iowa from 1901 to 1903, and then taught in Des Moines until 1907.[1]

From 1907 to her death in 1966, she farmed a land claim in the panhandle region of Oklahoma.[1] After she got married, she farmed with her husband in Eva, Oklahoma.[1] During their years of farming, her family weathered the droughts, dust storms, and blizzards that befell the region.[3]

Her letters about the events of the Dust Bowl period were published in Practical Farmer and in The Atlantic Monthly.[4] Her letters detail both the prosperity of the period before the disaster, and the loss of crops, animals and other amenities during the Dust Bowl years.[5]

Personal life[edit]

She married Wilhelmine Eugene Henderson in 1908.[1] They raised one daughter, Eleanor, born in 1909.[1]


She died in 1966.


In recent years, her letters have been featured prominently in the PBS documentary The Dust Bowl.[2]


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