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Caroline Moir is a British writer.

She is an author of a variety of styles of literature including plays, fiction – genres include the dystopic and modern gothic – and creative non-fiction, whilst being known as an educationalist and promoter of literary arts. She is based in Kendal UK, close to the Lake District National Park.

She studied English & philosophy at the University of Birmingham, then continued her literary studies as a masters student at Lancaster University, before completing her PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Glasgow.

Moir has written two novels Jemillia(2007) and The Brockenspectre (2011), with work on the third comencing from 2013/14. Commissions include BBC Radio, Ripon Cathedral and Kendal Community Theatre.

Moir collaborates regularly with fellow writers and artists, amongst them Guy Wilson (The Armed Man). Through these collaborations, she is active in a number of progressive literary circles, co-establishing The Leeds Peace Poetry Festival in 2003 and Warehouse Writers Workshop at The Brewery Arts Centre Kendal in 2006.


  • Timeo Danaos (From Glasgow to Saturn, 2011);[1]
  • A goat, a duppy & a walnut tree (Unbound Press/Spilling Ink Review, 2011);[2]
  • Homage à Rabelais en Roussillon (Brand Magazine, 2010)[3]
  • St Wilfred of Ripon or A Tale of Two Tonsures(commissioned & performed, 2009)
  • Nusf Sahaa (BRAND, 2009)
  • Asda (swampwriting, 2008)
  • The Kendal Shepherds' Play (commissioned & performed, 2007); *Flight (Muse, 2006)
  • Mary's Story (commissioned & performed, 2005);[4]
  • The Man Who Told a Lie (Transmission, 2005)
  • A Passion for Kendal[5][6]
  • Lady Anne Clifford: A Woman Cast Out

Festivals & Broadcasts[edit]