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Carolyn Stoddard
Nancy Barrett portrays Carolyn (1967).
Dark Shadows character
Portrayed by Nancy Barrett (1966–1970)
Diana Walker (1968)
Barbara Blackburn (1991)
Jessica Chastain (2004)
Chloë Grace Moretz (2012)
Duration 1966 – 1974
First appearance June 28, 1966
Last appearance September 30, 1970
Created by Dan Curtis
Home Collinwood
Collinsport, Maine
Barbara Blackburn portrays Carolyn (1991).

Carolyn Stoddard is a fictional character played by Nancy Barrett (and for one episode Diana Walker) in the 1966 soap opera Dark Shadows. In the 1991 revival of Dark Shadows, Carolyn is portrayed by actress Barbara Blackburn. Jessica Chastain took over the role in the 2004 WB pilot, and the character is played by Chloë Grace Moretz in the 2012 feature film.

Carolyn is the character known for her many romances throughout the series' run and being one of Victoria Winters' closest friends.

Dark Shadows (1966–1971)[edit]

Early years[edit]

Carolyn Stoddard is the daughter of Paul Stoddard and Elizabeth Collins Stoddard (Joan Bennett). She was born on December 8, 1947. (The family Bible, however, lists her date of birth as July 16, 1946.) About 2 years later, Paul abandoned Carolyn and left Collinsport, Maine. The abandonment of Paul caused Elizabeth to remain at Collinwood for over eighteen years. Carolyn never liked Collinwood, often claiming that she felt trapped and it felt like a prison. When she was ten, Carolyn would dream of a "white knight" saving her. Despite this, Carolyn remains at Collinwood in fear of leaving her mother, just as Paul had left.

Carolyn would typically go to Widows' Hill when she was bothered, claiming the waves would give her the answer. She also started a savings account for $1.00 at her mother's bank. Roger Collins (Louis Edmonds) gave her a birthstone ring which she wears on her right hand and a wristwatch from Joe Haskell (Joel Crothers), the boy she met when she was young and eventually begins a relationship with.


Carolyn is curious as to why Elizabeth has brought Victoria Winters (Alexandra Moltke) to Collinwood, and at first tells her to leave and never to come back. When Victoria plans on leaving, Carolyn has a change of heart, wishing Victoria to stay and begin a friendship. Victoria does stay and the two remain close. Carolyn is genuinely disturbed by her cousin David (David Henesy). She warns Victoria about David's behaviors.

Elizabeth wishes Carolyn to marry Joe. But Carolyn's determination to remain at Collinwood and her apparent fear of marriage took its toll on the relationship. Joe felt that Carolyn thought that if she were to get married that it would end as her mother's marriage had. Joe was also upset at Carolyn's fascination with Burke Devlin (Mitchell Ryan). Due to this, Joe began dating Maggie Evans (Kathryn Leigh Scott). When Julia Hoffman (Grayson Hall) came to Collinwood and announced Maggie dead, Carolyn went to visit Joe, but the two remained friends.

Not many approved of Carolyn's relationship with Burke, but she was fascinated by him. Originally she only wanted to know about why her mother and uncle were afraid of Burke and why he had come back to Collinsport. Burke could tell that she was only pretending, but her feelings soon became real. Her feelings began to fade when Victoria began to also show interest in Burke, and he showed the affection back. Carolyn then ended her interests in Burke.

The town of Collinsport was shaken when biker Buzz Hackett (Michael Hadge) showed up. But Carolyn was intrigued, him being the complete opposite of what her mother would have wanted, and feeling like a rebel herself. When Elizabeth told Carolyn that she was wasting her life, she knew that going out with Buzz would be the perfect way to get revenge on her mother. Carolyn announced a double wedding when Jason McGuire (Dennis Patrick) announced his marriage to Elizabeth. After one of their dates, Carolyn and Buzz get into a fight and Buzz tells Carolyn that she either go with him or he may not return. Buzz rides off and Carolyn never hears from him again.

Tony Peterson (Jerry Lacy) had grown up in Collinsport with Carolyn and admired her for many years. Carolyn's original affection of Tony was because of Barnabas Collins' (Jonathan Frid) control over her. Barnabas gives Tony Julia's diary, and Carolyn begins to snoop around Tony's office looking for it. Tony caught Carolyn but decided not to call the police. Tony knew of Barnabas' control over Carolyn and became convinced that she had fallen in love with him, but was put off by their considerable age difference. Once Carolyn broke free of Barnabas' control, she had attempted to reconcile with Tony, but to no avail.

After Adam (Robert Rodan) kidnapped Carolyn, she developed a closeness to him. After Adam had jumped off Widows' Hill in order to save Carolyn, she hid him in the secret West Wing of Collinwood. However, Carolyn soon realized that the relationship would be doomed and attempted to avoid him and even rekindle her romance with Tony. This upset Adam and eventually sent him on a jealous rage and he attacked Tony. Carolyn became a part of Nicholas Blair's (Humbert Allen Astredo) attempt to create Eve (Marie Wallace). Carolyn then convinced Barnabas and Julia that she wanted to be Adam's mate. The operation went wrong and killed Carolyn. But Nicholas was able to bring her back to life in order to keep Adam happy. After Eve was created, Carolyn moved on, but never lost her feelings for Adam.

Carolyn then became attracted to Chris Jennings (Don Briscoe) when he came to Collinsport. The relationship was an immediate failure due to Chris' being a werewolf. It was later discovered that Chris was actually a descendent of Quentin Collins (David Selby). In 1970, Carolyn was married to former Leviathan leader Jeb Hawkes (Christopher Pennock). Although the rest of Carolyn's family disapproved of the marriage, Carolyn remained at Jeb's side. Jeb was eventually hunted by a supernatural shadow sent by Angelique Collins (Lara Parker). After their return to Collinwood, Schuyler Rumson (Geoffrey Scott) pushed Jeb off of Widows' Hill and devastated Carolyn for months.

After Barnabas and Julia had returned to 1971 from 1840, they discovered that Collinwood had not been destroyed and Elizabeth informed them that Carolyn was alive and waiting for them at the opening of the new Historical Center in Collinsport.

1970 parallel time[edit]

During the parallel time, Carolyn had married William Loomis (John Karlen) and lived in the Old House, now called Loomis House. Elizabeth and Roger still lived in Collinwood in this time. Carolyn was present during the séance that killed Angelique. But Carolyn was under the impression that Angelique had died of a stroke because of what Cyrus Longworth (Christopher Pennock) had reported. Carolyn was the first to be Barnabas' victim in this time. William soon began to notice Carolyn's odd behavior and discovered what Barnabas was doing.

However, William had jumped out of the Tower Room in Collinwood and died. Carolyn first assumed that it was her mother that pushed William because of a dream she had had. Because of this, Carolyn began to drink heavily and non-stop. But when Hamilton (Colin Hamilton) came to Collinwood to investigate the murder, Carolyn turned her eyes to Roger. Carolyn told Roger that she knew that Alexis Stokes (Lara Parker) was truly Angelique, back from the dead, and that he had killed William. Roger then murdered Carolyn in the Tower Room. Elizabeth heard Roger's confession while wandering around one day and attempted to kill him before he murdered her as well.


Barnabas and Julia had escaped one parallel time and were thrust into the future to discover that Collinwood had been destroyed in 1970. Carolyn was alive in this time, but she had gone insane and refused Barnabas and Julia's help initially. She eventually gave in and told them of six events that had occurred to lead to the destruction of Collinwood. Gerard Stiles' (James Storm) ghost eventually scared Carolyn literally to death.

House of Dark Shadows (1970)[edit]

Carolyn Stoddard (Nancy Barrett) is Elizabeth's daughter. She is interested in going to London, but when she meets her strange cousin Barnabas, she becomes more interested in his mysteriousness and she even becomes closer to Willie as she visits the old house more often. This leads her into becoming one of Barnabas's (Jonathan Frid) victims. After Carolyn threatens to reveal his secret he bites her, and Willie gets her away from the house and carries her home. She dies from the attack shortly after and rises again as a vampire. She first attempts to attack her young cousin David, and then her former fiance Todd Jennings (Don Briscoe). Who was being used as bait by Timothy Eliot Stokes (Thayer David), to capture her and protect the other people of Collinsport. Barnabas ordered her to stay away from those at Collinwood, and ordered Willie to keep her at the old house. She bit Willie and went after Todd anyway and was found by the police and staked by Professor Stokes.

Dark Shadows (1991)[edit]

Carolyn Collins was portrayed by Barbara Blackburn in the short-lived 1991 primetime remake of Dark Shadows.

In this version, Carolyn was excited at Victoria Winters' (Joanna Going) arrival, rather than curious of Elizabeth's (Jean Simmons) intentions of bringing in Victoria. Again, Carolyn told Victoria of David's (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) bad behavior and offered to let Victoria ride the horse that they now owned. Carolyn then went with Elizabeth to visit her cousin Daphne Collins (Rebecca Staab) who had been attacked by Barnabas Collins (Ben Cross) after being released unknowingly by Willie Loomis (Jim Fyfe).

Barnabas then arrived at Collinwood and Carolyn noticed his uncanny resemblance to the portrait that hung in Collinwood. Carolyn first informed Barnabas of David's apparent friendship to Sarah Collins (Veronica Lauren), whom David claimed lived in the Old House. After Daphne was brought to Collinwood, Carolyn remained at her side until her death. Carolyn then visited Joe Haskell (Michael T. Weiss) and attempted to seduce him, but he rejected her.

On the day of the Collins' costume party, Elizabeth made Carolyn make sure that Barnabas attended. Carolyn discovered that Barnabas had turned into a 200-year-old man and soon fell under his control. Carolyn was not frightened when she returned to Collinwood and David made an attempt to jump out at her. She then assisted Barnabas in tormenting Julia Hoffman (Barbara Steele) at the party. Carolyn ignored Joe during the party, confusing him. During the end of the party, the guests began to play with a Ouija board to discover who the vampire was. In order to protect Barnabas, Carolyn disrupted the game herself. Barnabas then continued his control over her.

The next day Carolyn demanded Joe buy her an apothecary case and made an attempt to murder Julia. David, however, did not let Julia drink the tea that Carolyn had poisoned. Carolyn took David to his bedroom and David made a comment on Carolyn's odd behavior. Barnabas then tried to have Carolyn murder Julia in her sleep, but Julia used a dummy to trick Carolyn and ended up discovering the fang marks on her neck. A séance was held to contact Sarah. Carolyn was unable to participate until Barnabas made her place her hands on the table. Joe also discovered the fang marks on Carolyn's neck when he followed her to Eagle Hill Cemetery and witnessed Barnabas attacking her.

Return to Collinwood (2003)[edit]

Nancy Barrett reprised her role as Carolyn Stoddard on August 31, 2003 in Brooklyn, New York at the 2003 Dark Shadows Festival. The play Return to Collinwood was written by Jamison Selby and wraps up many of the mysteries that hovered towards the end of the original series.

Carolyn reads Elizabeth Collins Stoddard's will and in it discovers that she is actually Victoria Winters' sister. Carolyn's mother's will also states that Carolyn go back in time to bring Victoria back to her own time.

Dark Shadows (2004)[edit]

Jessica Chastain portrayed Carolyn in the 2004 pilot of the new Dark Shadows for the WB.[1] The pilot was never picked up.

Dark Shadows (2012)[edit]

In this adaptation Carolyn is Elizabeth Collins' rebellious teenage daughter. She is a trouble-making wise-cracking dark 15-year-old who is very passionate about music and is quite possibly very sexually frustrated. She thinks that Barnabas is very strange because of his very old fashioned behavior and she doesn't like him much. Upon meeting Barnabas she thinks that he is "stoned". She dreams of going to New York and taking part in hippie activities.She is a big fan of happenings (parties) and Alice Cooper. When Angelique Bouchard breaks in the house and torches it, it is revealed that Carolyn is a werewolf as she fights off Angelique; this is because when Carolyn was a baby Angelique sent a werewolf to bite Carolyn and put a curse on her.

Carolyn is portrayed by actress Chloë Grace Moretz.


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