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Stable release 8.1 (beta 8.5 available for pro users) / May 17, 2010; 4 years ago (2010-05-17)[1]
Operating system
Type 3D computer graphics
License Proprietary commercial software

Carrara is a general purpose 3D figure posing, modeling, landscape design, rigid and soft-body dynamics, animation and rendering application. Carrara is now owned and developed by DAZ 3D. Carrara is compatible with Poser and DAZ format 3D figures and includes a selection of landscape generation tools, together with its more traditional modeling features.


The history of Carrara started in 1989 when a group of individuals founded Ray Dream, Inc. with the idea of creating graphic software for the new Mac computers with color displays. Two years later the first version of their new 3D graphics program which they named Ray Dream Studio was released.

In the years that followed Ray Dream Studio became a successful product having at one time over 200,000 users. In 1996 Ray Dream Inc. was sold to Fractal Design Corporation (developer of Painter, Poser). Fractal Design Corporation was in turn acquired by MetaTools (developer of Bryce, KPT) shortly thereafter. The combination of the two companies was given the new name MetaCreations. Around the same time another 3D graphics program named Infini-D was acquired from Specular International. Now owning two 3D graphics programs, MetaCreations decided to merge Ray Dream and Infini-D into one application giving it the new name Carrara.

Metacreations released version 1.0 of Carrara and then soon released a patch for the code as the original release had significant bugs. Very soon after the patch was released, Metacreations stopped support of Carrara due to the divestment of the package with the interests of Metacreations moving into other areas. For a short period, Carrara users were without support and the only way to get the patch was through other internet sites or other Carrara interest groups which could be found in different places on the web.

Around the year 2000 when Metacreations was divesting itself of most of its products including Carrara, Metacreations sold the package to a new company named Eovia founded by former MetaCreations employee Antoine Clappier. Eovia developed Carrara for several versions culminating with version 5 released in 2005. Eovia also developed a new 3D modeling application named Hexagon which shipped in 2005.

Eovia installed significant upgrades to the package which would include bringing forward the Raydream physics package which was originally not licensed in the Metacreations version of the code. The inclusion of soft shadows, caustics, global illumination lighting abilities and improved atmosphere models are just some of the improvements Eovia installed.

In 2006 DAZ 3D (developers of DAZ Studio and a line of articulated 3D figures) acquired Eovia along with Carrara and Hexagon. Several programmers formerly employed by Eovia now work for DAZ and continue development on Carrara.

DAZ 3D has had a significant focus of adding functions for poseable figures as well as models for hair and animation tools.

May 2010 DAZ 3D launched the current version of Carrara 8.0 to the public. DAZ 3D works in an "Open Development" environment, releasing early and turning to the users for input and feature input. The last 2 releases of Carrara have been done using this development cycle.

Carrara (8) includes the addition of the bullet physics package which has provided Carrara the ability to generate improved animation techniques for scenes involving collisions of multiple bodies or particles. DAZ has also added models for softbody dynamics which makes it possible for cloth and other clothing types of animations to be generated with realistic results.


In Carrara 8.0:

  • 64-bit for Mac and Windows OS
  • Multi-threading for Mac and Windows OS
  • Bullet physics Library
  • Improved FBX and COLLADA Data Exchange
  • Negative lights and photometrics (IES)
  • God rays and barn door lighting & effects
  • Editing of posed meshes
  • Puppeteer


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