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Corrán Tuathail
Carrauntoohil (middle) looking south along the Hag's Glen
Elevation 1,038 m (3,406 ft)[1]
Prominence 1,038 m (3,406 ft)
Ranked joint 3rd in British Isles
Parent peak none - HP Ireland
Listing Country high point
Marilyn, Furth, Hewitt
Translation Tuathal's sickle/Tuathal's serrated mountain[2] (Irish)
Carrauntoohil is located in island of Ireland
Location in Ireland
Location County Kerry, Republic of Ireland
Range Macgillycuddy's Reeks
OSI/OSNI grid V803844
Coordinates 51°59′58″N 9°44′34″W / 51.999447°N 9.742744°W / 51.999447; -9.742744Coordinates: 51°59′58″N 9°44′34″W / 51.999447°N 9.742744°W / 51.999447; -9.742744
Topo map OSI Discovery 78

Carrauntoohil or Carrantuohill[3] (/ˌkærənˈtl/, from Irish: Corrán Tuathail)[2] is the highest peak in Ireland. Located in County Kerry, it is 1,038 metres (3,406 ft)[1] high and is the central peak of the Macgillycuddy's Reeks range. There are two other peaks in this range higher than 1,000 m—Beenkeragh (1,010 m) and Caher (1,001 m). The peak of Carrauntoohil is topped by a large metal cross 5 metres (16 ft) tall.

Carrauntoohil is classed as a Furth by the Scottish Mountaineering Club, i.e. a three thousander footer furth or "outside of" Scotland,[4] which is why it is sometimes referred to as one of the Irish Munros.

Climbing routes[edit]

The mountain is most often climbed from the north-east, along the Hag's Glen and up the steep Devil's Ladder to the col between Carrauntoohil and Cnoc na Péiste, and then north-west to the summit. The route has become more dangerous in recent years due to loose stones and crowding.[5] No special equipment is needed to climb the mountain, but caution is advised. Alternatively, one can walk the two other 1,000 m peaks in a "horseshoe" trip, starting from the west. The traverse from highest point to the second highest involves a light scramble.

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