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The Dynasty main title card

The Carringtons are the core family of the American prime time soap opera Dynasty, which aired on ABC from January 12, 1981 to May 11, 1989.


As Dynasty begins in 1981, Carrington heirs Steven and Fallon return to Denver to attend the wedding of their father, powerful oil tycoon Blake Carrington. The Carrington family dynamic is soon established; thoughtful and sensitive Steven resists his father's pressure to step into his role as future leader of Blake's empire, while his spoiled sister Fallon, better suited to follow in Blake's footsteps, is underestimated by and considered little more than a trophy to father Blake.

Steven befriends Krystle, Blake's former secretary and future wife, who is adjusting to life at the mansion despite chilly receptions from Fallon and the Carrington majordomo, Joseph Anders.

Blake's ex-wife Alexis appears later that year and soon stirs up trouble for the family. In 1982, after their infant grandson L.B. Colby (son of Fallon and Jeff Colby) is kidnapped, former spouses Blake and Alexis make a televised plea that he be returned. Alexis confesses a dark secret from their past: their firstborn son, Adam, had been kidnapped as a baby and never recovered. Traumatized by the event, they had hidden his existence from their subsequent children Fallon and Steven. Meanwhile, in Billings, Montana, an old woman named Kate Torrance tearfully tells her grandson Michael that he is really the Carrington heir. Armed with items from Adam Carrington's baby carriage, lawyer "Michael" comes to Denver and is eventually accepted as a Carrington, but his selfishness, greed and ambition put him at odds with all of his relatives at one time or another.

Steven leaves town that year and is presumed dead in an oil rig explosion in 1983; he turns up alive and returns, but sister Fallon leaves town in 1984 and is also later presumed dead in a plane crash. At the same time, chanteuse Dominique Deveraux comes to Denver and soon makes a shocking claim: she is the daughter of Blake's father Tom Carrington and his longtime mistress. Later in 1984 a young woman named Amanda Bedford appears on Alexis' doorstep; she is Alexis' youngest daughter,[1] and it is eventually revealed that Blake is her father. Blake and Krystle also have a daughter, Krystina, in 1984.

Alexis brings Blake's vengeful, estranged brother Ben to town in 1986 to help her destroy Blake, and Ben's daughter Leslie soon follows in 1987. Ben leaves town that year after reconciling with Blake, and Leslie having reconciled with Ben follows suit in 1988 after a failed romance with Clay Fallmont, who is possibly also Ben's child.

Family tree[edit]

Karen Atkinson
Alexis Morell
1. Adam Carrington
(aka Michael Torrance)
Claudia Barrows Blaisdel
3. Steven Carrington
Danny Carrington
Sammy Jo Dean Reece
1. Blake Carrington
2. Fallon Carrington
L.B. Colby
Ellen Fallon
Jeff Colby
Lauren Colby
4. Amanda Carrington
(aka Amanda Bedford)
Tom Carrington
Prince Michael of Moldavia
5. Krystina Carrington
Krystle Grant Jennings
Emily Fallmont
Clay Fallmont
(possibly Ben's son)
2. Ben Carrington
Leslie Saunders Carrington
Melissa Saunders
3. Dominique Deveraux
(born Millie Cox)
Laura Matthews Cox
Jackie Deveraux
Garrett Boydston

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  1. ^ Amanda's arrival is foreshadowed in the Season Four episode "Birthday" when Alexis mentions that she has been through four pregnancies. Krystle notes the discrepancy (at this time, Alexis is known to have just three children, Adam, Fallon and Steven), but Alexis explains that one resulted in a miscarriage. Amanda appears 11 episodes later in "Amanda."

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