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Web address
Slogan "ALL DRIVE. No drama."
Commercial? Yes
Available in English
Owner Classified Ventures
Launched June 1998
Alexa rank positive decrease 1,386 (April 2014)[1] is a website which was launched in June 1998. It is the second largest automotive classified site, second to only It is a division of Classified Ventures,[2] which is in turn a joint venture by major media companies including the Gannett Company, the McClatchy Company, the Graham Holdings Company, the Tribune Company, and A.H. Belo.[3] Its headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois.[4] The editor-in-chief is Patrick Olsen[5] and the President is Mitch Golub.[6]

A 2003 Library Journal survey of automobile-related websites described as "the most complete car sales megasite", noting staff-written reviews that "are signed, dated, detailed, and richly illustrated".[7] In 2004 the website announced a partnership with Kelley Blue Book and commenced national advertising.[8][9] In October 2007, it announced plans for its largest marketing campaign ever in early 2008.[10] In the same month, Yahoo! announced plans to receive listings from for their Yahoo! Autos service. The deal would allow listings to appear as advertisements targeted at consumers based on information they are looking at on Yahoo services.[11]

Marketing[edit] advertised during Super Bowl 2013, its 6th consecutive year running Super Bowl commercials.[12] In 2012, the Super Bowl spot depicted a car shopper with a second, singing head, symbolizing the shopper's confidence in[13] Viewers using Shazam (the smartphone app that can identify songs' titles and artists) to tag the commercial earned $1 for one of seven children's charities.[14][15] For Super Bowl 2011, created commercials centered around consumer and expert car reviews. The Talking Cars commercial revolves around a group of cars who can't get enough about hearing all the interesting features consumers say they have to offer. The You Go First commercial insinuates that sometimes it is better to learn from other people's experience to discover what is best for you. For Super Bowl 2010, made a mascot by the name of Timothy Richmond, and showed how he and everyone else can be confident in many other things in life except when buying a car, therefore needing to use to help make their purchases. In 2009, they had a similar Super Bowl commercial featuring a character named David Abernathy.[16]


Since July 1998, has been in partnership with Tom and Ray Magliozzi of Car Talk[17] and the website includes a Cartalk advice section.[7] is the exclusive online provider of used-car reports from Carfax.[17] also partners with MotorWeek on PBS to provide online access to MotorWeek reviews.[18]


Along with a standard website, is available on any smartphone through its mobile website, which was launched in May 2007. Consumers are also able to use's services with a downloadable iPad App, iPhone App or Android App.


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