Cartagena Film Festival

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Cartagena Film Festival

The Cartagena Film Festival, or Festival Internacional de Cine y T.V. de Cartagena de Indias.[1] is a Colombian film festival which focuses on the promotion of Colombian television programs, Latin American films, and videos. The Cartagena Film Festival, which is held every March, is the oldest film festival in Latin America.[2]

The Cartagena Film Festival was founded 1960 in Cartagena, Colombia by Victor Nieto.[2] Nieto remained the director of the film festival for 48 years, his last being in 2008.[2] Nieto died at the age of 92 in November 2008.[2] Lina Paola Rodriguez was appointed manager by Nieto in 2007 and 2008, and will remain acting director following Nieto's death.[2]

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