Carteret General Hospital

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Carteret General Hospital
Location Morehead City, North Carolina, North Carolina, United States
Hospital type Non-profit
Affiliated university None
Emergency department Emergency department and urgent care center
Beds 135
Founded 1967
Lists Hospitals in North Carolina

Carteret General Hospital is a 135 bed, non-profit hospital in Morehead City, North Carolina.[1] Carteret General was founded in 1967.[2]

Hospitalist Program[edit]

Most general medical patients are admitted through the emergency department (ED) by the "Hospitalist" Physicians group. The doctors are in the hospital 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. They work 12 hour shifts to ensure continuity of care but also aim to prevent excessive physician fatigue. Patients who have experienced admission through the hospitalist group generally give the idea rave reviews.

Urgent Care[edit]

The hospital opened an adjacent urgent care facility during 2010 in an effort to relieve overcrowding at its emergency department, which was remodeled in July 2002. Patient volume has grown from 25,000 patients in 2002 to 43,000 patients in 2010, well above the 36,000 patients for which the expanded facility was built to serve.[3]


The hospital began upgrading to new beds that are designed for comfort and safety in 2003.[4] All the beds are now computerized, with special capabilities such as being able to weigh the patient in bed and alleviate pressure points. Safety engineering features such as low bed height and a patient position monitor that alerts staff when a patient is moving in and out of bed has reduced the likelihood of falls.[5] For the 2003 upgrade, standard beds costs approximately $8,000, while high-end beds for the intensive care and surgical units cost between $17,000 and $23,000.[6]

A remote control InTouch Health RP-7[7] robot named Riley was purchased in 2011. It allows staff members and patients almost immediate access to stroke experts at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. The robot has two-way live video chat capabilities which allows physicians to remotely diagnose strokes and quickly develop care plans.[8]


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