Cartmel College, Lancaster

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Cartmel College
Cartmel College Lancaster.jpg
Cartmel College – new site
Cartmel Griffin
University University of Lancaster
Motto Live The Dream
Established 1968
Named for Cartmel Peninsular
Principal Jayne Corless
JCR president Tom Stapleton
Dean Lyndsey Egerton
Undergraduates 1,350
Newspaper The Griffin
Website Cartmel College
Cartmel JCR

Cartmel College, University of Lancaster, UK was founded in 1968. It is named after the Cartmel peninsula of "Lancashire north of the sands" which was once known as The Land of Cartmel. The college buildings were originally sited at the north end of the university's Bailrigg campus and extended in 1969. In 2004, the college was relocated to Alexandra Park, a new development in the southwest of the campus based around Barker House Farm.


Old College buildings, now County South

Cartmel college residences were opened in 1968. The Cartmel building was designed by the Manchester based architect, Haydyn Smith. Smith designed the college in such a way as to expose it to as much natural light as possible. The college was also dominated by a number of large, multi-purpose grassed areas that were very popular during the warmer months. Extra residences were built in 1969 to cope with the expanding student population.


In 2003 Cartmel’s College Syndicate decided to embrace the university’s offer to relocate the college down to south west campus with brand new entirely en-suite accommodation and new facilities and college offices. After some negotiation it was decided that Cartmel would take the refurbished Barker House Farm complex as the centre of their college. the farm houses the college offices, porters lodge, bar and Junior Common Room, with the accommodation built around it. Along with Lonsdale and Fylde, Cartmel is one of only three Lancaster colleges to have entirely en-suite accommodation.

Names of residence blocks[edit]

The residence are all named after villages on the Cartmel peninsular:


The College is established under the Statutes of the University. Internally, the key committees which run the College are College Council, College Management and College Syndicate. College Management is an informal committee of College Officers which meets every alternate week to keep abreast of day-to-day matters to do with the running of the college. College Council meetings alternate with College Management. College Council consists of College Officers and the JCR executive and is, essentially, the body which concerns general policy of the college. College Syndicate meets much less often and consists of all SCR members and some JCR representatives. Its main responsibility is to decide matters of major policy affecting the College. The College is represented by the Principal on Senate, as is the JCR through various student representative bodies. College affairs come under a Pro Vice Chancellor of Colleges, who oversees the general conduct of the Colleges, including the appointment of College Officers, the setting of budgets and so on.


The college colours are burgundy and grey or officially, 'stone' and 'plonk.' The college emblem is the griffin. The college pose is the ertz.


Cartmel College's facilities on campus include 2 large projection screens, a large bar area, study room, food court and a Junior Common Room which houses 2 pool tables, DJ booth, darts boards, ice hockey table, table tennis equipment, table football and a 40" Plasma Television complete with Nintendo Wii, DVD player, Freeview and Laptop connection.

The whole Barker house complex also has wireless internet throughout.

Junior Common Room[edit]

Current Junior Common Room Executive[edit]

• President: Tom Stapleton
• Vice-President Socials and Events: Thomas Brind
• Vice President Education and Welfare: Phillip Apter
• Democracy and Finance Officer: Dean Suckers
• Men's Welfare Officer: Michael Payne-McGlen
• Women's Welfare Officer: Sophie Finnigan
• International Officer: Amir Kursun
• Social Secretaries: Laura Trotter and Helena TendeDez
• Sports Officers: Jonathan Eldridge and Beth Fletcher
• Magazine Editor: Daryl Griffin
• Media and Communication Officers: Alexandra Hurst and Meliza Lau
• Events Technician: Simon Bentley

Past Junior Common Room Executive Presidents[edit]

  • 2013 Salman Rukhsar
  • 2012 Joel Pullan
  • 2011 Jasmine Blakemore
  • 2010 Mark Lord
  • 2009 Robbie Pickles
  • 2008 Sam Fitton
  • 2007 Diane Barrow
  • 2006 Ed White
  • 2005 Sooz Palmer
  • 2004 Waqas Khan
  • 2003 John Miller
  • 2002 Liz Moules

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