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Cartoon Network
カートゥーン ネットワーク
Cartoon Network
Current logo, used as October 1, 2011.
Launched September 1, 1997
Owned by Turner Entertainment Japan Holdings (80%)
(Japan Entertainment Network K.K.)
Country Japan
Language Japanese
SKY PerfecTV! Channel 271
SKY PerfecTV! e2 Channel 331
I-Hits Channel 240
JC-Hits Channel 780

Cartoon Network Japan (カートゥーン ネットワーク Kātūn Nettowāku?), legally known as Japan Entertainment Network K.K., is a Japanese cable and satellite television channel that mostly airs children's animated television series. Cartoon Network in Japan broadcasts original series from Cartoon Network in the U.S., as well as several Japanese animated media and other non-Japanese programs. Many non-Japanese programs are also available in English audio using a secondary audio programming. It is one of few versions of Cartoon Network outside U.S. broadcast its programs in High Definition.

On October 1, 2011, Cartoon Network Japan, along with the Cartoon Network channels operated by Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific, adopted its current branding.

Programming blocks[edit]

  • Boomerang: Similar to the Boomerang network in the United States, this variant (everyday, 11p-1a) airs Western classic cartoons like The Jetsons and Birdman along with Japanese classics such as Kimba the White Lion and Triton of the Sea.
  • Cartoon Midnight: Cartoon Midnight is a late night block (Su-F, midnight) that showcases various international and art house films.
  • Cartoon Network Popcorn: Showcases and premieres movies, similar to Cartoon Network USA's "The Flicks". (Su-F, 11a-12:30p) Previously Cartoon Network Theatre.


  • Pipora Pepora: Cartoon Network Japan's home for preschool programming (M-F 7a-9a, Sa-Su 2p-4p). Hosted by Gingerbread Men, the block showcases preschool cartoons from all over the world like Peppa Pig, Noukie's Pictures, and Papillon Et Mamillon.
  • Toonami: Based on the American action block Toonami (M-F, 4p-5p), the robot TOM presents Western action cartoons such as Teen Titans and The Batman.
  • Gururi! World Tour: A showcase for various foreign cartoon shows (M-Sa, 11a-12a).


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