Cartoona Peak

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Cartoona Peak
Cartoona Peak is located in British Columbia
Cartoona Peak
Cartoona Peak
Location of Cartoona Peak in northern British Columbia
Elevation 2,305 m (7,562 ft)[1]
Prominence 415 m (1,362 ft)[1]
Listing List of volcanoes in Canada
Location British Columbia, Canada
Range Tahltan Highland
Coordinates 57°36′24″N 130°36′53″W / 57.60667°N 130.61472°W / 57.60667; -130.61472Coordinates: 57°36′24″N 130°36′53″W / 57.60667°N 130.61472°W / 57.60667; -130.61472[2]
Topo map NTS 104G/10
Type Lava dome
Age of rock Miocene
Volcanic arc/belt Northern Cordilleran Volcanic Province
Last eruption Miocene

Cartoona Peak, also unofficially called Cartoona Ridge, is a volcanic peak in northern British Columbia, Canada, located just southeast of Coffee Crater in Mount Edziza Provincial Park.[2]

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