Cartuja of Miraflores

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Facade of the monastery.

The Abbey of Cartuja de Miraflores is a monastery of monks located at the south east part of the city of Burgos in Spain. The word miraflores, refers in this case to an area with flowers or nature.

It is one of the most important gothic architecture edifications of Spain, due to the fact that it was a summer residence of the Spanish monarchy during centuries.


It is situated in the east part of the city, in an area of the Fuentes Blancas urban park.


The buildings were originally built as a palace. In 1441 the abbey was founded by John II of Castile. In 1452 the palace was damaged by fire and reconstruction started in 1454 under the direction of the architects Juan de Colonia and Simón de Colonia.

Works of art[edit]

Altarpiece by Gil de Siloé

There are several works by Gil de Siloé:

Saint Bruno a sculpture by Manuel Pereira.

Annunciation by Pedro Berruguete.

Cultural heritage[edit]


It can be accessed by walk and by private car. There is a public parking in front of the monastery.

Urban bus[edit]

The line 17 connects the Plaza de España with the Cartuja all the holiday and Sunday mornings.[1]

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Coordinates: 42°20′17″N 3°29′24″W / 42.33806°N 3.49000°W / 42.33806; -3.49000