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Founded 1972 (1972)
Founder Günter Graulich (de) and Waltraud Graulich
Country of origin Germany
Headquarters location Stuttgart
Publication types sheet music, CDs
Official website

Carus-Verlag is a German music publisher founded in 1972 and based in Stuttgart.[1]

Carus was founded by choral conductor Günter Graulich (de) and his wife Waltraud with an emphasis on church music. In pursuing its goal of continually expanding the repertoire available to choirs, Carus has become a leading publisher of sacred music worldwide. The catalogue currently includes more than 28,000 works. Choral works by Bach, Brahms, Mozart, Haydn, Mendelssohn, Rheinberger and Schütz are the backbone of the catalogue; every year Carus adds dozens of new critical and practical editions of historic vocal music or first issues of contemporary composers.

One of the primary emphasis lies in the publication of unknown choral music from all eras in critical first editions, as well as on the republication of works for which no up-to-date or reliable editions are available. It has been our goal to achieve the highest quality with respect to the musicological as well as technical aspects of publication, while taking into account the requirements of performance practice.

One very important area is the supervision of historical-critical complete editions and editions of selected works; these are developed in collaboration with renowned edition institutes such as the Bach-Archiv Leipzig, the Max-Reger-Institut, the Heinrich-Schütz-Archiv in Dresden or the Centro Studi Giacomo Puccini in Lucca. The complete edition of works by Josef Gabriel Rheinberger, concluded in 2009 and published in cooperation with the Josef-Rheinberger-Archiv in Vaduz, has contributed significantly to the fact that the music of this composition teacher and Court Kapellmeister from Munich can once again be heard around the world today. In 2013 the first volume of the Edizione Nazionale delle Opere di Giacomo Puccini has been published.

The Carus book program includes, for example, catalogs of works, musicological and pedagogical specialist literature as well as guidebooks on a variety of musical topics. For a number of years, the book department of Carus has worked in close collaboration with the publisher Reclam.

Record label[edit]

Under its proprietary CD label “Carus,” the publishing house realizes extensive production projects and complete recordings also to accompany some of its printed editions.

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