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Carver is a yacht builder located in Pulaski, Wisconsin in the United States and a "recognized leader in the luxury motoryacht market".[1]

Their models have ranged from 17 feet to 65 feet as of Nov. 2007.


Carver Boat Corp. started in 1954 building small molded veneer wooden runabouts. Charlie Carter and George Verhagen of Green Bay were the original partners.[1] They set up a factory in Milwaukee but moved it to Pulaski near Green Bay by 1957. The company changed hands in1963 when Walter Markham and Glen Nordin became principal owners. Carver gradually offered larger and larger boats, making the move from wood to fiberglass in the late 1960s and early 1970s. They were one of the hold outs in the wooden boat field, resisting the change to fiberglass.[2] In 1982, they introduced a new "aft cabin" style boat that would soon define Carver as a motor yacht builder. In 1986, Carver introduced their largest boat to date, the 4207 MotorYacht which was a success for them and prompted many companies to follow their footsteps[who?]. Originally, Carver was quoted as saying that this would be their largest boat,[citation needed] but the Carver line was later expanded to 57 feet.

In 1992, Carver (under Genmar Holdings ownership) bought the bankrupt Trojan Yachts assets and started to produce a new Trojan line of Express cruisers which were marginally popular in their category and were discontinued in 2002.

In 2004 Carver started the Marquis line with the 59 Marquis. A year later, the 65 Marquis was introduced. Both boats were sellouts in their first couple of years which prompted Carver to expand the line. In 2006 through 2008, they've introduced the 55LS, 50LS, and 40SC. The 40SC is the first boat in any Carver product to come standard with the Volvo Penta IPS system of power, available in both gas and diesel.

In 2009 the firm, as part of the Genmar family of boat builders, declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy. They eventually came out of bankruptcy as Marquis Yachts.


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