Casa de las Américas Prize

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The Casa de las Américas Prize is a Cuban cultural award given by the Casa de las Américas, an organization founded in April 1959. It is one of Latin America’s oldest and most prestigious literary awards.

Some of the scholars and writers who have won this prize are Edward Brathwaite, Humberto Costantini, Roque Dalton, Eduardo Galeano, Renato Prada Oropeza, Susana Rotker, Françoise Perus, Beatriz González-Stephan and Luis Britto García.

Awards are given out for poetry, narrative, essay, and testimonio, among other categories.

Since 1976 there has been a jury for Caribbean literature in English or pidgin English. The first novel to win a prize from the Caribbean was Ikael Torass by N. D. Williams.