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Casale Media Inc.
Type Private
Industry Online advertising
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario
Area served Worldwide

Casale Media is a Canadian online media and technology company, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.[1] They build online advertising technology for web publishers and advertisers.[2]

Launching its advertising network offering in 2003, Casale Media is one of a large number of companies managing the advertising inventory for a wide number of websites.[3] In 2011, Casale Media debuted its real-time bidding offering.[4]

Advertising Network[edit]

Launched in 2003, MediaNet is Casale Media's display advertising network, consisting of inventory from a collection of 3,000 publishers.[5]

Supply Side Platform[edit]

Launched in June 2012, INDEX Platform is Casale Media's sell side platform that powers programmatic selling and private marketplaces for publishers.[6]


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