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The Casane Astigiane (Italian for "Houses of Asti") were the major family banking houses of Asti, Italy in the middle ages. Their economic activities included currency exchange and lending.

Guelf Families[edit]

  • Solaro. Without a doubt the most influential Guelf house.
  • Falletti
  • Troja
  • Malabaila

Ghibelline Families[edit]

  • Guttuari, most powerful Ghibelline family, often aligned with the rulers of Montferrat. With the Turco and the Isnardi families they created the powerful De Castello consortium.
  • Isnardi
  • Turco or Turci
  • Scarampi
  • Alfieri

Non-aligned Families[edit]

  • Roero
  • Pelletta
  • Asinari


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