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To be distinguished from Casa Pueblo and Casa del pueblo.
General information
Location Maldonado, Punta Ballena (Whale Point)
Coordinates 34°54′31″S 55°2′41″W / 34.90861°S 55.04472°W / -34.90861; -55.04472
Opening 1960
Owner Carlos Páez Vilaró
Design and construction
Developer Carlos Páez Vilaró
Other information
Number of rooms 12
Number of suites 56
Number of restaurants 1

Casapueblo is the house of Uruguayan artist Carlos Páez Vilaró, located in Punta Ballena (Whale Point) near Punta del Este, Uruguay. It is a homage to the artist's son Carlitos Paez, one of the sixteen survivors of the crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571. Casapueblo is now a citadel-sculpture that includes a museum, an art gallery, and the Hotel Casapueblo.

Built around a tin box called La Pionera (The Pioneer), Páez Vilaró designed it with a style that can be equated to the Mediterranean coast houses from Santorini.

A few years ago Páez Vilaró added a hotel called Hotel Casapueblo or Club Hotel Casapueblo to the house, following the style of the original construction. It now includes a restaurant named Las Terrazas (The Terraces).

View of the hotel and the pool

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Coordinates: 34°54′31.93″S 55°2′41.66″W / 34.9088694°S 55.0449056°W / -34.9088694; -55.0449056