Cascade National Park

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Cascade National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Coordinates 30°15′29″S 152°48′31″E / 30.25806°S 152.80861°E / -30.25806; 152.80861Coordinates: 30°15′29″S 152°48′31″E / 30.25806°S 152.80861°E / -30.25806; 152.80861
Area 36 km2 (13.9 sq mi)
Established 1999
Managing authorities NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Cascade is a national park in New South Wales, Australia, 431 km northeast of Sydney. Cascade National Park is a beautiful subtropical and warm temperate rainforest, including booyong, crab apple and coach wood trees, surrounding the village of Cascade.

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