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CaseMap debuted in 1998 as a database solution for law firms practicing complex litigation. At its core, CaseMap is a database connecting two spheres of information: facts and objects. The facts spreadsheet is used to generate a time-line of undisputed facts for a case. The objects spreadsheet functions as a parent directory for multiple child-spreadsheets; each child-spreadsheet indexes a sphere of data relevant to a case (i.e. persons, places, pleadings, physical evidence, etc.).[1]

The use of digital evidence in modern litigation has been a driving force behind the adoption of CaseMap in law firms.[2]

CaseMap is primarily used in litigation support and e-discovery and is a central piece of law practice management software as it integrates with several third party applications, notably Adobe Acrobat.

CaseMap is owned by LexisNexis and the newest version is CaseMap 11.0.


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