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Casey Jones
Directed by Polaris Banks
Produced by Deborah Banks
Hilarion Banks
Polaris Banks
Robert Banks
Akasha Banks Villalobos
Brian Villalobos
Written by Polaris Banks
Based on Characters 
by Kevin Eastman
Peter Laird
Starring Hilarion Banks
Robbie Rist
Moira Wilson
Polaris Banks
Savannah Welch
Brian Villalobos
Music by Zain Effendi
Cinematography Polaris Banks
Edited by Polaris Banks
Distributed by Guiding Star Productions
Release date(s)
  • August 14, 2011 (2011-08-14)
Running time 35 minutes
Language English
Budget $20,000

Casey Jones, also known as Casey Jones: The Movie, is a short fan film made by Polaris Banks based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. The film premiered August 14, 2011 in Austin, Texas at the Marchesa Hall & Theater, and on the internet on September 18, 2011.


At the hockey rink, Casey's coach berates him again for body chucking another player. His cousin, Sid then calls him a benchwarmer, causing Casey to hit him in the face with his hockey stick out of anger. The coach then kicks Casey off of the team. On his way home, Casey tosses all of his hockey stuff, except for his stick, away and then spots a boy spray-painting graffiti on his building. Casey chases the boy away and then heads to his house and asks his mom if he can stay with her for a while. When she accepts, Casey first starts by trying to fix the sink, but he ends up breaking it, causing it to rain in the kitchen.

That night, while cleaning the graffiti off of his building, the graffiti boy and his gang, The Purple Dragons arrive and brutally beat him. Casey then crawls back into his house and falls asleep on the kitchen floor after he puts the tooth they knocked out back into his head. When he wakes up, his mom berates him for constantly getting into trouble. Casey though tells her he got jumped, causing her to say that she's decided to sell the building and head back to Northampton. Casey though promises to fix everything.

Over the next week, Casey starts training by lifting weights, jogging, hitting a punching bag, and smashing stuff at the local dump with his hockey stick while April O'Neil does a news report on the Lower East Side, a part of the city ruled by the Purple Dragons and other street gangs. After he finishes training, Casey makes himself a new hockey mask. That night, when Casey spots the Purple Dragons mugging a woman, he viciously attacks them until all of them except for one are knocked unconscious. He then brutally beats the last one unconscious with a golf club and heads out into the city, where he spots 2 thugs breaking into a car. He swoops down and brutally beats one of the thugs unconscious and then breaks the other one's legs, but before he can finish him off, a man in a trench coat takes his bat. Casey though takes out another weapon to finish the goon off when the trenchcoat man stops him again. Casey then attacks the trenchcoat man, who is revealed to be a teenage mutant ninja turtle named Michelangelo. The 2 then fight, with Michelangelo gaining the upper hand. Michelangelo then lectures him for brutally beating thugs to death.

Mikey then tries to leave, when he's suddenly attacked by the Foot Clan. Casey and Mikey then team up to fight the ninjas, but when one of them scratches his mask, Casey takes out a sledgehammer and uses it to defeat the rest of the ninjas. Casey then starts brutally beating the last ninja standing when his mask comes off and the ninja turns out to be Sid. Casey then reveals himself to Sid, who tells him that they're only after Mikey, but Casey refuses to leave Mikey behind. Suddenly, Krang and more Foot ninjas arrive and surround Mikey and Casey. Sid then knocks Casey unconscious with a cricket bat. Mikey then knocks Sid unconscious and fights Krang and the ninjas off. Mikey then takes Casey back to his lair in the sewers, where he's introduced to Leonardo, Raphael, and Donatello. April then reports about Casey saving the woman.

The next night, some goons steal a pizza from a pizza delivery boy and take it to an alley. One of the goons suggests they move somewhere else because he's scared of running into Casey Jones, but another goon assures him that Casey is just a myth when Casey shows up in some new armor and knocks the goons unconscious. Casey then notices the strange toppings on the pizza and takes it back to the sewer lair where he gives it to the turtles. Casey then assures the turtles that he went easy on the thugs.


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Originally planned as a 5-minute teaser, the 35-minute film was made for a reported $20,000 and filmed in parts of Austin and Dallas, Texas, as stand-ins for New York City.[1] Banks shot the film over a two-year period while living in Austin, casting his brother as the title character.[2]


MTV Geek said it "is probably the most spot-on film treatment of the hockey-masked avenger you will ever find. With superior acting, cinematography, and direction, it is more than just another fan film -- but rather something more akin to TMNT as done by Martin Scorsese."[3]


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