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For other uses, see Cash and carry.
Not to be confused with Kash n' Karry.
Cash & Carry Smart Foodservice
Type Subsidiary of Smart & Final
Industry Wholesale and Retail
Founded 1956
Headquarters Portland, Oregon, U.S.
Number of locations 52
Products Grocery

Cash & Carry Smart Foodservice is a chain of American low-price warehouse grocery stores located in California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Cash & Carry is geared toward supplying food service operators like restaurants, but it also serves individuals similarly to Costco (but without the membership fees). Cash & Carry runs 52 stores as of 2012. The company operates 11 stores in California, 2 stores in Idaho, 17 stores in Oregon, 21 stores in Washington and one in Nevada.[1] The company is based in Portland, Oregon. Cash & Carry offers brand-name and private-label groceries, including meat, dairy and fresh produce, as well as tableware, paper products, janitorial supplies and catering supplies. They are open seven days a week. Cash & Carry operates as an independent division of Smart & Final, LLC.

Relationship to Smart & Final[edit]

The Cash & Carry Smart Foodservice chain is the foodservice brand and division of Smart & Final, LLC. Smart & Final operates 282 stores under several brands. The Smart & Final chain includes 198 stores (185 in the U.S. and 13 in Mexico). The Henry's Farmers Markets and Sun Farmers Markets chains include 35 stores in California and Texas.[2]


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