Cash in the Attic

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Cash in the Attic
June 2008: the hosts and experts for series fifteen.
Format Antiques, human interest
Created by Leopard Films
Starring Various
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of series 16
No. of episodes 586
Running time 30–60 minutes
Original channel BBC One
Picture format 16:9
Original run 2002 – 2013

Cash in the Attic, also Cash in the Celebrity Attic, is a United Kingdom television show on the BBC. The show, made by Leopard Films, premièred in 2002 and has run for sixteen series; as of February 2010, the seventeenth series is currently in production, along with the fifth celebrity series. The programme's tagline is The show that helps you find hidden treasures in your home, and then sells them for you at auction.

Cash in the Attic has also has an online version of the TV show. This is an innovative site which allows the public to upload items for online valuations by a team of experts from the show. Items can then be sold on the site.


In the show, the presenter visits a family's house to find out what they need to raise money for. They then explore the house and its surroundings, finding antiques and valuing them, with the help of experts. The family then goes to auction with the aim of making their financial target. The auction never takes place on the same day as the rummage; often it can take place several weeks later.

Celebrity Cash in the Attic[edit]

In celebrity episodes, the well-known guest contributors rummage around their homes for antiques to be valued and sold at auction. The celebrity donates the proceeds to his or her charity of choice. As of February 2010, 86 episodes have been made and a total of £91,266 has been raised for charities in the UK and abroad.

Aled Jones joined as a presenter for series 16 in 2010; pictured with Jennie Bond

Presenters and experts[edit]

As of March 2010, the show is hosted by Angela Rippon, Jennie Bond, Gloria Hunniford, Jules Hudson, Lorne Spicer, Chris Hollins and Aled Jones. Previous presenters have included Ben Fogle, Alistair Appleton,[1] and Angus Purden.

The antiques experts are Paul Hayes, Jonty Hearnden, John Cameron and James Rylands.


Cash in the Attic ran each weekday morning on BBC One, usually at 11:30. Cash in the Celebrity Attic ran on weekday afternoons on BBC Two, usually at 17:15.

Repeats of the regular series are currently showing in Australia on the HOW TO Channel, and on New Zealand's The Living Channel. The programme aired on BBC America but is no longer shown.


Series Start date End date Episodes
2 9 August 2006 1 September 2006 2
3 1 February 2007 25 February 2007 2
4 14 October 2007 16 December 2007 3
5 4 May 2006 27 May 2007 8
6 21 May 2006 4 November 2007 14
7 27 June 2006 16 August 2007
8 1 December 2006 3 January 2008 9
9 26 April 2006 22 November 2007
10 30 October 2006 1 April 2008
11 23 May 2007 8 April 2008
12 2 July 2007 18 January 2008
13 27 March 2008 6 May 2008 45
14 19 May 2008 27 March 2009 30
15 27 October 2008 11 December 2009 76
16 4 January 2010 5 February 2010 25
17 5 April 2010 25 March 2011 74
18 11 April 2011 24 May 2012 75


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