Casio FX-702P

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Casio FX-702P
Casio FX-702P Programmable Calculator.png
A 28 year old FX-702P in working condition
Type Pocket Computer
Manufacturer Casio
Introduced 1981
Discontinued 1984
Entry mode BASIC
Precision 12 digit mantissa, ±99 exponent
Display Type LCD Dot-matrix
Display Size 20 Characters
Programming language(s) BASIC
User Memory 1,680 bytes
Ports one vendor specific
Connects to

Compact Cassette via:

Thermal printer via one of:

Power supply 2×CR-2032 Lithium (external power not supported)
Weight 176 g. with batteries
Dimensions 165W x 82D x 17H mm

The FX-702P is a Pocket Computer, manufactured by Casio from 1981 to 1984.[1]


The FX-702P features a single line dot matrix liquid crystal display with 20 characters. A 10-digit mantissa is displayed (including minus sign) however internal calculations use a 12-digit mantissa.[2]


The programming model employed is a special BASIC dialect. Ten programming areas are supported, P0 through P9. BASIC lines can be numbered from 1 through to 9999. Subroutines are supported, but passing parameters to subroutines is not supported. The subroutine call stack can be up to 10 deep. Both GOTO lines and subroutines can be addressed indirectly via line number calculation. FOR/NEXT structures can be nested up to eight times.

A single one and/or two dimensional array is supported however array memory space must be reserved (subtracted) from the 1,680 character program space via the DEFM command. Array memory can be aliased to fixed variable names, for example A(11) references the same location as variable B1.[2]

Both programs and data can be stored to magnetic tape. Data can be stored under program control. Programs can be password protected from both listing and execution.[2]


The FX-702P uses the FA-2 interface which is also used by the Casio FX-602P series. The interface features a Kansas City standard Compact Cassette interface and printer port for the FP-10 thermal printer.

The FP-10 printer can also be connected directly to the calculator.


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