Casio PV-100

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Casio PV-100
Developer Casio
Type PDA
Operating system Casio PVOS
Power 2 × AAA batteries
CPU 20 MHz NEC V30MZ (Intel 8086 compatible)
Memory 1 MB
Display 128×128 pixels, monochrome
Input Touchscreen, Onscreen keyboard
Connectivity Serial

The Casio Pocket Viewer 100 was a PDA manufactured by Casio in 1999. It was the first PDA in the Pocket Viewer-range, and the only pocket viewer not to have a backlit display.


The screen resolution is 128 × 128 pixels, which is lower than similar Palm PDAs of that time. The PV-100 has no text recognizing software, so all text must be typed using the onscreen keyboard. It contains 1 MB of memory and a NEC V30MZ (20 MHz) CPU (compatible with Intel x86).


  • Unfolded: 14.2H × 79W × 123.5D mm (1/2"H × 31/8"W × 47/8"D)
  • Folded: 14.8H × 79W × 123.5D mm (5/8"H × 31/8"W × 47/8"D)

Weight: Approximately 135 g (4.8 oz) including batteries.


The PV-100 came with these built-in applications: Scheduler, Contacts, Memo, Expense, 2 types of Solitaire, Quick Memo, Calendar, Reminder, and To-Do.

The PV-100 has no support for third party applications, due to its proprietary operativng system. However, Casio developed a SDK for use with later versions of the Pocket Viewer.


The Casio PV-200 was almost identical to the PV-100, but had a backlit display and 2 megabytes of memory instead of 1.

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