Casio Super Picky Talk

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The Casio Super Picky Talk is a PDA with an optional modem accessory. It utilizes a stylus similar to that of the Nintendo DS.

The system, released in 1990, functions very much like a PDA. However, it differs from a PDA in that its interface and design are tailored to children. For example, the Super Picky Talk features the capability to display a picture of a cat or dog upon startup. Other features include a notepad, calculator, address book, clock, stopwatch, drawing pad, and even a rudimentary animation utility, as well as a handful of included games accessed from a "shelf" on the left side of the desktop. The unit is also capable of infrared communication with other Picky Talk users. It is debatable whether the Casio Super Picky Talk can accurately be classified as a "game console," since it is incapable of using interchangeable media for adding new games and is limited to using built-in software.