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An SF-R20 Digital Diary featuring 256KB RAM, from around 1993.
CASIO Business Navigator BN-40A.
CASIO SF-8000 Digital Diary

Casio digital diaries are electronic organizers capable of storing hundreds or thousands of memo, address, and schedule records. They were produced by Casio in the early and mid 1990s, but have since been entirely superseded by Mobile Phones and PDA's.

Casio digital diaries hosted a common set of features while some have had extra features specific to the model.


Telephone directory[edit]

Enter the first letter of a name to recall the name in an instant (Initial Search). Data is sorted automatically in alphabetical order.

Schedule keeper[edit]

Keep track of appointments by entering the day, month, and year.

Memo function[edit]

Store text data such as price lists, airplane schedules, movies schedules, concert schedules, anniversaries, and more.

To do list[edit]

Keep track of daily tasks, checking off items as you complete them.

World time[edit]

Find out the current time in virtually any location on the globe.

Secret memory area[edit]

The secret memory area keeps personal data private. Once a password is registered, data is locked away until the password is used to access the secret area.


A message appears and a buzzer sounds when a scheduled appointment time arrives.

Metric conversion function[edit]

Conversion between metric units and another measurement unit.

Currency conversion function[edit]

Instant conversion between two monetary units.

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