Casma River

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Sechin casma valley.JPG
Sechin Complex in the Casma Valley
Country Peru
Region Ancash Region
Mouth Pacific Ocean

The Casma River which upstream is called Río Grande is a river that crosses northern Casma province in the Ancash Region of Peru. It originates in the Black Mountain Range and drains into the Pacific Ocean. Major tributaries include the Sechín River (right).

The Casma Valley, a coastal valley situated about 320 kilometres (200 mi) north of Lima, Peru, lies along the Casma River, between the towns Chimbote and Huarmey. It is notable for the grand scale of numerous archaeological sites, including stone-faced pyramids and the Thirteen Towers of Chankillo. es:Sechín Alto is the largest American construction of the second millennium BCE. Cerro Sechin is also from the Sechin culture.

The valley contains the once important and small town of Casma, which had to be rebuilt after being destroyed by an earthquake in 1970.The new town now is facing the future.

The main economic activity is agriculture. The valley produces fruits—including avocados, passionfruit, apples, mangoes, pacae, bananas, guayaba, pepino, grapes—and other crops, including corn, cotton, asparagus, chilies and several kinds of beans.

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