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Origin Brixton, United Kingdom
Genres Electronic music, Turntablism, Plunderphonics
Years active 2000–present[1]
Labels Barry's Bootlegs, Spymania, Antidote
Members Steve Warlin
Mark Bolton

Cassetteboy is an English electronic music and comedy duo, and the stage name of Mark Bolton and Steve Warlin (an author from Brixton). It was only upon the confirmation of their third album's release date in 2008 that they came forward and made their identities known.


Their initial appearance was on the Di and Dodi Do Die 7" Record released in 2000 on the record label Barry's Bootlegs which is somehow related to the electronic music label Spymania. As well as producing two albums of their own, they have appeared on an album with DJ Rubbish entitled Inside A Whale's Cock Vol 1, which includes humorous cover versions of songs by Alanis Morissette and Jennifer Lopez (a skiffle cover of Jenny from the block), along with a parodical take on a song by The Streets.

Their musical approach can be traced from the origins of sampling, musique concrète and the modern approach sometimes called Plunderphonics. Most pieces are painstakingly constructed from thousands of audio snippets taken from TV, radio, film and popular music; The Parker Tapes was constructed using the laborious, primitive process of manually splicing segments of audio together via a two-deck tape system, or "ghettoblaster"; later albums are constructed digitally using sound editing software.

Their 2008 album, Carry On Breathing, has been described[citation needed] as "a concept album, but don't worry, it still has knob gags". The concept of this album is that it loosely follows the human life from birth to death, through work, childhood, growing up and depression. This album showcases the most philosophical of their work to date ("The only cure for existence is death") while still being humorous.

One half of Cassetteboy released the book Earth Inc., a satirical novel about consumerism, under the pen name Michael Bollen. The book took six and a half years to write,[2] and was released in 2008.

The context of their work is often political, but always maintains a humorous aspect. Their most watched YouTube video is Cassetteboy vs The Bloody Apprentice and currently has had over 5 million views as of July 2014.

Cassetteboy contributed some of the video clips for spoof clip show 2009 Unwrapped with Miranda Hart.

On 7 May 2010, a video clip by Cassetteboy appeared on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross using clips of Alan Sugar.

Cassetteboy is credited on at least one episode of BBC Radio 4's spoof clippings show Listen Against.[3]

Selected discography[edit]


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