Cassina Gambrel Was Missing

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Cassina Gambrel Was Missing
Cassina Gambrel Was Missing Book Cover.jpg
First edition cover
Author William Watkins
Illustrator James Richardson (cover photo)
Cover artist Montague Ferry Design, NYC
Country United States
Language English
Genre Novel
Publisher Lynx Publishing Company
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 192 pp
OCLC ISBN 0-9668965-0-5

Cassina Gambrel Was Missing is a 1999 novel by William Watkins. Set against turbulent events in Memphis, Tennessee in the late 1970s, the novel concerns a young, white, college student named Jackson Taylor who befriends an older black woman named Cassina Gambrel. As the protagonist's fortune and world expands, Cassina's narrows. Years later, Jackson begins a search for his former friend and the book takes on a cynical tone, bordering on bitterness, while the story unfolds through a series of revealing flashbacks. The novel has been described as part coming-of-age story and part comedy of manners and garnered praise for the author's ability to draw keen characterizations with few words and to juggle a non-linear narrative with skill. [1]


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