Cassius of Clermont

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Saint Cassius of Clermont and Companions
Cl-Fd Saint-Eutrope Cassius.jpg
Stained glass depiction of Cassius, Église Saint-Eutrope, Clermont-Ferrand
Died ~264 AD
Clermont-Ferrand, France
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Feast May 15

Saint Cassius of Clermont is venerated as a Christian martyr of the 3rd century.[1] He was a senator who was converted to Christianity by Saint Austremonius.[2]

Cassius was killed with Victorinus (a pagan priest who had also been converted by Austremonius), Maximus, Anatolius, Linguinus, and others at Clermont-Ferrand by Chrocas, the chieftain of the Alemanni, who were invading Roman Gaul at the time.[1] Chrocas is said to have killed a total of 6,266 Christians at Clermont at this time, according to tradition.[3]


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