Castaway Bay (Sandusky, Ohio)

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Castaway Bay
Cedar Point Castway Bay logo.png
Location Sandusky, Ohio, United States
Coordinates 41°26′31″N 82°40′38″W / 41.4419°N 82.6771°W / 41.4419; -82.6771Coordinates: 41°26′31″N 82°40′38″W / 41.4419°N 82.6771°W / 41.4419; -82.6771
Owner Cedar Fair Entertainment Company
Opened November 5, 2004
Previous names Radisson Harbor Inn
Operating season Year-round
Area 38,000 square feet (3,500 m2)
Pools 5 pools
Water slides 30 water slides
Children's areas 5 children's areas

Castaway Bay is a tropical-themed indoor water park resort owned and operated by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company. The water park opened on November 5, 2004 only a few minutes away from Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.[1] Castaway Bay features rooms with a refrigerator, microwave and most have a balcony. The resort features a 6,000-square-foot (560 m2) game room and a spa with a variety of massages, pedicures, manicures, facials, and hair/make-up services.[2]


Castaway Bay originally opened as the Radisson Harbor Inn in 1989. Cedar Point bought a 99% share of the Radisson Harbor Inn for $2,300,000 in 1996. On July 15, 2003, it was announced they were exploring plans to refurbish the hotel into an indoor water park resort. Castaway Bay was officially announced on November 13. 2003. It officially opened as Castaway Bay about a year later on November 5, 2004. On January 1, 2015 the TGI Fridays restaurant located inside the hotel will close, and in May 2015 will be replaced with a Quaker Steak and Lube.[3]


Castaway Bay has 3 dining options, Big Daddy's Snack Shack which is located inside the Waterpark, Ebb & Eddy's, and a breakfast buffet; Mango Mike's.[4]

Slides and attractions[edit]

Name Description Height Requirement
Cargo Crossing An interactive play area in which guests have to cross a pool of water using floating lily pads and a cargo net.[5] Must be 46 inches tall in bare feet or accompanied by a responsible person. Lifejackets are required for guests less than 52 inches.[6]
Castaway Bay Wave Pool A 100,000-gallon wave pool that generates 3-foot-tall waves which guests can body surf.[5] Guests under 48 inches and weak or non-swimmers must wear a lifejacket. Guests less than 42 inches tall must also be accompanied by a responsible person[6]
Creature Cove A pool area that offers basketball hoops and numerous flotation devices.[5] Must be 46 inches tall in bare feet or accompanied by a responsible person. Lifejackets are required for guests less than 52 inches.[6]
The Grotto Two 50-person whirlpool spas – one indoor and one outdoor. A responsible adult must accompany children under the age of 16[5]
Lookout Lagoon Family Funhouse A multi-story interactive play area with more than 100 different elements, including a 1,000-gallon tipping bucket that drenches guests every two minutes with a downpour of water. It also includes four slides, Mango Melee, Paradise Plunge, Pineapple Pipeline and Tropical Twister.[5] Must be 40 inches tall in bare feet to ride slides 8 feet in the air or higher. Must be between 36-48 inches tall in bare feet to ride on any slides lower than 8 feet in the air.[6]
Rendezvous Run A 35 feet (11 m) high, 520 feet (160 m) long water roller coaster that propels riders uphill using water jets. This unique water coaster twists its way through the waterpark, shoots outside the resort’s structure in an enclosed slide and then spirals back into the complex.[5] Must be 42 inches tall in bare feet.[6]
Toddler's Tide Pool A children`s play pool with a tandem slide, water pipes, spraying gadgets and sea creature play structures designed especially for kids.[5] Must be less than 52 inches tall in bare feet or accompanied by a child.[6]
Tropical Tube Slides Three indoor enclosed body slides that travel outside the building and come back in.[5] Must be at least 46 inches tall in bare feet.[6]

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