Castelli di Cannero

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Castelli di Cannero

The Castelli di Cannero are three rocky islets of Lake Maggiore in northern Italy. They are located off the shoreline of Cannero Riviera while administratively forming part of the Commune of Cannobio. They are known as castelli, or castles, in recognition of the ruined ancient fortifications which are found on two of them.

In 1520 Ludovico Borromeo built the castle Rocca Vitaliana, a fortification against the Old Swiss Confederacy.

Recent plans to restore one of the castles, the Rocca Vitaliana, and make it a tourist attraction have been opposed by environmental groups.

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Coordinates: 46°01′26″N 8°42′19″E / 46.0239°N 8.70528°E / 46.0239; 8.70528