Castelo de Lindoso

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Lindoso Castle, Portugal

Castelo de Lindoso is a castle in Portugal. It is classified as a National Monument. Specifically, a military monument.[1] The castle is located on the River Lee near the Portuguese/Spanish border.[2] The style and technology displayed in the castle's construction were introduced to Portugal during the medieval period.[3] The architecture displays both Romanesque and Gothic qualities.[4] During the mid 17th century, the castle was militarily upgraded, with the upgrades finishing in 1666, roughly three years after the Spanish conquered the castle in 1663; the Protuguese subsequently retook the castle and finished the upgrades. [5] Coordinates: 41°52′01″N 8°11′57″W / 41.86694°N 8.19917°W / 41.86694; -8.19917