Castle of Magic

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Castle of Magic
Logo game Castle of Magic
Developer(s) Gameloft
Publisher(s) Gameloft
Platform(s) Java, iOS, Nintendo DSi, Symbian OS, Palm Pre
Release date(s) 2008–2009
Genre(s) Arcade game, Platformer

Castle of Magic - game-platformer company founded by Gameloft. Released in 2008-2009. She went on many platforms, such as Java, iOS, Nintendo DSi, including Symbian OS, Palm Pre. The passing game takes about three hours. Is suitable for both novice and fans of the genre.


  • Game-platformer that is available for beginners and full of surprises for fans of the genre.
  • Unmatched duration for the most magical games: more than 3 hours of playing time!
  • A huge number of spells: transformation in the different creatures to complete the mission.
  • Levels with interactive surfaces, where you can fly, glide, swim, walk on the ceiling and so on!
  • 5 beautiful magical countries for the study and a bunch of bonuses to collect!
  • Struggle with 6 bosses (a huge octopus, a giant bee and others).


Castle of Magic began as a mobile game, created in September 2008. She raised the quality of platform games on mobile as never before, especially with its innovative material «Simulator». It is reproduced at how different materials reacted to movements in an incredible way, which gave each of the game environment unique sensation. «A great platformer, which absorbs all the landmark old tricks, becoming modern classical yourself in the process. Almost as good as it gets.» Pocket Gamer, 9/10. After a long critics, the company decided to create a version of the iPhone, which will be launched in June 2009. All environments have been reproduced in the splendid 3D-graphics, and control was founded on the sense of touch and use accelerometer. In November, the company plans to launch the adaptation games Nintendo DSi system, which specifically for the game-platformer. They expected to bring the game to a new magical summit of additional functions, including never before seen using the Nintendo DSi Camera.


The game tells the story of two main characters - a boy and his friend. They are too long, played video games and console broken. They wanted something to do, but instead they find a chest! The kids did not suspect that the chest was a trap. Immediately he opens and brings them into the magical world... Boy woke up, he found himself in a huge castle. Even has not noticed, how to become a magician! Then suddenly there is a witch - old man with red glowing eyes, holding hostage Jenny his girlfriend. Magician offered him look like in different worlds and in result - win actually old man, if he wants to return to her. The boy soon came to his senses and he ran for a sorcerer. Adventures in the magical world were difficult and almost dangerous, but the boy managed to. Having overcome all the dangers, he still finds the sorcerer and fights with him. He eventually managed to win. And together with Jenny he returns home. Returning, they promised to keep it a secret and not tell anyone. But for now there is this magic castle...


  • The main character of this game - boy, somehow with two names. Here in Java and the iOS version of his first name - Alki and DSi-version - Wizzy! So why the need to conduct contest of a name, when he already has one name?
  • During the course of the game iOS version, when to jump or hit comic monsters, they scatter in different directions (just graphics)!
  • Jenny - girlfriend, the iOS version looks different (much cuter), than in the other (Java, DSi). It is the same boy.
  • The main character Wizzy appeared in the "Let's Golf! 2" 2011. Only it is hidden and you can unblock it by typing in the profile field here is the code: "Wizzy10".