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The Castle of Muro Lucano was a castle built in the 9th century in the south of Italy, in the region of Basilicata 50 km from Potenza.


The castle is formed by two towers, roof garden, two courtyards and a long building built by the Orsini family and in part by the new owner in the 1800s. Until the 17th century, the Castle was characterized by a drawbridge which was removed soon after an earthquake.


During the domination of the Longobardi or Bizantini it was a defensive system under the principality of Salerno or Benevento ( Longobardia minor). At first it was a sighting tower, at the beginning of the second millennium the tower was expanded by the Angio family. The first feudal lord was a French man by the name Pietro Hugot, who was given the concession by Carlo 1st d’Angio

In 1382 Queen Giovanna 1st di Napoli, was murdered in the castle, the order was given by Carlo di Durazzo. In 1435 it ends the short domination of the Aragonese reign. In 1530 the castle is given to the Orsini family to Ferdinando Orsini, Duke of Gravina and Count of Muro until 1806 when feudalism ended, fallowing a Napoleonic Decree. The last Count of Muro was Filippo Bernaudo the 3rd. In 1830 the castle was purchased by Francesco Lordi. The castle survived the earth quake of 1694 and 1884 with minor damages. After the earthquake of 1980 the Castle was rebuilt completely. Part of the castle, named “apartment of the prince” is lived in by the Martuscelli, immediate relative to the Lordi’s family.

View of Potenza, Basilicata

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