Castle of Turégano

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Castle of Turégano, dating from Celtiberian times.

The Castle of Turégano (Spanish: Castillo de Turégano) is an ancient fortress located in the town of Turégano in the province of Segovia, Spain. The castle was founded on the site of a pre-existing fortress. Its structure is integrated into the adjacent church of San Miguel.

In 1585 the castle was used to imprison Antonio Pérez, the then-disgraced secretary of king Philip II. An attempt[by whom?] to free him from captivity here failed.

Plaza Mayor of Turégano and the castle.
Back side of the castle.

Coordinates: 41°09′29″N 4°00′19″W / 41.1581°N 4.0053°W / 41.1581; -4.0053