Castlehill, Dumbarton

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Castlehill is an area of Dumbarton in the West Dunbartonshire area of Scotland. Located in the Western part of the town next to the Brucehill area, Castlehill was built as a council run housing scheme. Many of the houses have subsequently been bought by the tenants, reducing the number of houses still in the tenure of the local authority.

This area of Dumbarton also has two Primary schools, St. Michaels Primary & Dalreoch Primary and also the local secondary Our Ladys and St. Patricks High School(O.L.S.P). OLSP is an amalgamations of two former schools, Notre Dame (all girls) and St Patricks High School (all boys)

Castlehill is the former site of a castle several hundred years ago and also is the former site of a monument to Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham.

Coordinates: 55°57′02″N 4°35′42″W / 55.95055°N 4.59512°W / 55.95055; -4.59512