Castlevania: The Original Game Soundtrack

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The Original Game Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by Masahiro Kimura, Motoaki Furukawa, Mariko Egawa
Released March 26, 1999
Genre Minimalist
Length 73:22
Label Konami Music Entertainment
Producer Shigeru Fukutare
Takaharu Ikeda

Castlevania: The Original Game Soundtrack (悪魔城ドラキュラ黙示録 Original Game Soundtrack Akumajō Dorakyura Mokushiroku Orijinaru Gēmu Saundotorakku?, lit. "Devil's Castle Dracula Apocalypse Original Game Soundtrack") contains the music from Konami's 1999 video game Castlevania. It was released in Japan on March 26, 1999 at a retail price of 2,234 yen (approximately 19 United States dollars). The soundtrack was also released in Europe.

Tomoya Tomita was the game's sound producer and director; while Masahiro Kimura, Motoaki Furukawa, and Mariko Egawa composed the music. Their score is predominantly minimalist and ambient in composition. It features a wide variety of electronic instrumentation, ranging from the period harpsichord to contemporary beat synths. A notable exception is the violin solo in "Introduction", which was studio-recorded. The piece was performed by Tomokuni Katayama and is featured prominently at the game's title screen.

Although many of the songs from Castlevania are featured on this album, some background music and most of the incidental music from the game did not make it onto the soundtrack. A few of the prominent missing songs include a variation of the boss theme "Shudder", as well as the background music that plays during scenes in which the hero converses with Renon or Charles Vincent.

Track listing[edit]

Some of the official track titles did not include the original subtitles of the songs. In the following chart, tracks whose names differ significantly from their English counterparts have been translated in parentheses below the original title.

No. Japanese title Official English title Usage Length
1 オープニング - "血脈の印"
(Opening - "Sign of Blood Relations")
Introduction Title screen 1:46
2 セレクト
Setting File select menu 1:10
3 プロローグ Prologue Prologue 1:04
4 戦慄 Shudder Boss theme 1 1:06
5 侵入 Intrusion Level 1 event, entering Dracula's castle 0:48
6 見張り塔 Watchtower Level 2, Watchtower 1:57
7 別館 - "静かな狂気"
(Annex - "Silent Madness")
Annex - Silent Madness Level 3, Villa 2:48
8 村人
Hamlet People Level 3 event, talking with the vampire 1:04
9 ローゼ
Rose Level 3 event, meeting Rosa 1:12
10 迷路庭園 Maze Garden Level 3, Maze 1:36
11 秘密の棺 Mysterious Coffin Level 3 event, vampire encounter 0:52
12 闘争 1
(Struggle 1)
First Struggle Boss theme 2 1:05
13 地下水路 - "深緑の罠"
(Underground Waterway - "Dark Green Trap")
Underground Waterway Level 4 (Carrie), Underground Waterway 2:46
14 地下坑道 - "Invisible Sorrow"
(Underground Tunnel - "Invisible Sorrow")
Underground Tunnel Level 4 (Reinhardt), Underground Tunnel 4:59
15 ローゼの悲しみ
(Rosa's Sorrow)
Lamented Rose Level 4 event
(Reinhardt), meeting Rosa again
16 本丸 ~ メインテーマ
(Castle Center ~ Main Theme)
Dungeon - Main Theme Level 5, Castle Center 2:47
17 マルスの異変
(Malus' Emergency)
Malus Reappears Level 5 event, meeting Malus again 1:17
18 アクトリーセ Actrise Level 4/5 event, meeting Actrise 0:57
19 サイファ
Cipher Level 5 event
(Carrie), fight with Carrie's relative
20 プラネタリウム Planetarium Level 5 event, breaking the seal 0:43
21 予期せぬ出会い Unexpected Encounter Level 5 event, meeting Rosa and Death 0:46
22 決闘塔 Duel Tower Level 6 (Reinhardt), Duel Tower 2:18
23 科学塔 Tower of Science Level 6 (Carrie), Tower of Science 2:40
24 処刑塔 Tower of Execution Level 7 (Reinhardt), Tower of Execution 2:07
25 魔法塔 Tower of Sorcery Level 7 (Carrie), Tower of Sorcery 2:11
26 闘争 2 - "獄幻界乱舞"
(Struggle 2 - "Wild Dance in the Illusionary Prison World")
Second Struggle Boss theme 3 1:17
27 歯車 Toothed Wheel Level 9, Clock Tower 2:01
28 暗雲階段
(Stairway to the Dark Clouds)
Stairway to the Clouds Level 10, stairway to the castle keep 1:18
29 闘争 3 - "幻想的舞曲"
(Struggle 3 - "Illusionary Dance")
Third Struggle Boss theme 4 1:36
30 短い静謐 Moment of Silence Level 10 event, before leaving the castle keep 0:55
31 天守からの脱出
(Escape from the Castle Keep)
Castle Escape Level 10, running back to the clock tower 0:44
32 闘争 4 - "異次元狂想曲"
(Struggle 4 - "Another Dimension Rhapsody")
Fourth Struggle -
Concert of Another Dimension
Mammoth Bull Demon and final boss theme 1:38
33 青い墓標 - キャリーGoodEnding
(Pale Grave - Carrie GoodEnding)
Carrie's Good Ending Good ending
34 誓いとその影 - BadEnding
(Shadow Oath - Carrie BadEnding)
Bad Ending Bad ending 1:51
35 再会 - シュナイダーGoodEnding
(Reunion - Schneider GoodEnding)
Schneider's Good Ending Good ending
36 スタッフロール
(Staff Roll)
Credits Credits 4:20
37 Melodies of CastleVania Castlevanian Melodies Remix of track 16 3:38
38 Invisible Sorrow Invisible Sorrow Remix of track 14 4:52
39 A night in peace and quiet A Night of Peace and Quiet Remix of track 33 2:43


Part of the composition is a remix of the song "Divine Bloodlines" from Rondo of Blood.

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  • Tracks 1, 26, and 29 are remixes from Rondo of Blood.
  • The soundtrack's Japanese catalog code is "KICA 7942".
  • The soundtrack was not released in North America.

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