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Castrapo (a portmanteau of castellano and trapo, meaning rag) is the pejorative name for the form of the Spanish language spoken in the region of Galicia and which heavily uses Galician vocabulary and syntax. The dictionary from the Royal Galician Academy defines it as a "variation of the Spanish language, distinguished by the abundance of words and expressions taken from Galician language". What today seems sure is that it is a spanish with many Galician strokes, but not the other way around. That is is how it is said in their definitions other important dictionaries as the Cumio or IrIndo, apart from the Academy itself.

For example, the phrase Close the window would be Pecha a ventana (Castrapo.) In other languages it would be: Pecha a xanela (Galician);Cierra la ventana (Spanish); Fecha a janela (Portuguese.)

Galician reintegrationist groups also use the word Castrapo to refer disapprovingly to the current standard form of Galician, which they consider to be overly influenced by Spanish and unnaturally distant from the standard Portuguese language.

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  • Reintegrationism - a movement which defends the unity of Galician and Portuguese as a single language

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