Castrol Six Hour (New Zealand)

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For the similarly named Australian event, see Castrol Six Hour.
Five time winner Dave Hiscock standing ready about to run to his machine for the start of the 1980 production race [1]

The New Zealand Castrol Six Hour Race was an endurance motorcycle race that was held for fifteen years at Manfeild, Palmerston North from 1974 to 1988. Many of New Zealand's top international riders competed at the Six Hour race; winners included Dave Hiscock (5-time winner), Neil Chivas (4-time winner), Graeme Crosby (3-time winner), Aaron Slight (2-time winner), and Ginger Molloy (first winner).[2] The race was characterised by its exclusive use of unmodified standard production motorcycles and a running start where the racers had to run to their machines before they could start. There was special provisions that the machines were no older than 3 years old, which was a boon to the motorcycle industry in New Zealand at the time which saw a dramatic rise in the sale of Motorcycles after these events.


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