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For the episode of The Office, see Casual Friday (The Office). For the Japanese government-advocated movement, see Cool Biz campaign.

Casual Friday (also known as Dress-down Friday, or simply Casual day) is a Western trend which has spread to other parts of the world, wherein some offices may celebrate a semi-reprieve from the constrictions of a formal dress code. Whereas, during the rest of the week, business shirts, suits, ties, trousers, and dress shoes would be the norm, on Casual Friday workers might be allowed to wear more casual dress. Some companies might allow jeans, casual blouses or T-shirts, hoodies, track jackets, and sneakers/running shoes or even stocking feet, but others require business casual or smart casual dress. Some offices allow a themed dress down day.[citation needed][original research?] On this day, even managers in such workplaces are allowed to dress down.[citation needed][original research?]

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