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A cat café is a theme café whose attraction is cats that can be watched and played with. Patrons pay a cover fee, generally hourly, and thus cat cafés can be seen as a form of supervised indoor pet rental.

Cat cafes are great options for those that cannot have cats in their own homes, for any reason whether this be for housing restrictions, living situations, those for whom a pet does not make sense (those who travel a lot or are in a temporary living situation), etc.

Cat cafes offer many mental health benefits as can be seen in multiple studies (links to be added).

Nekokaigi, a small cat café in Kyoto


The world's first cat café[f 1] opened in Taiwan in 1998.[1] The Taiwanese cat café, located in Taipei,[2] eventually became famous in Japan and began to attract many Japanese tourists as well as domestic visitors. In Japan, the first cat café[f 2] opened in Osaka in 2004.[1]


Cat cafés are quite popular in Japan, with Tokyo being home to at least 39 cat cafés. The first was Cat's Store (猫の店 Neko no Mise?), by Norimasa Hanada, which opened in 2005. The popularity of cat cafés in Japan is attributed to many apartments forbidding pets, and to cats providing relaxing companionship in what may otherwise be a stressful and lonesome urban life. Other forms of pet rental, such as rabbit cafes, are also common in Japan.[3]

There are various types of cat café. Some feature specific categories of cat such as black cats, fat cats, rare breed cats or ex-stray cats. A cat café must obtain a license and comply with the strict requirements and regulations of the Animal Treatment/Protection Law.[4]

Japanese cat cafés feature strict rules to ensure cleanliness and animal welfare, in particular seeking to ensure that the cats are not disturbed by excessive and unwanted attention, such as by young children or when sleeping. Many cat cafés also seek to raise awareness of cat welfare issues, such as abandoned and stray cats and many often have cats from local animal shelters to help them lose any fear of humans and advertise them for possible adoption.

One café in Tokyo added goats as a way of having a unique element.[5]

Middle East[edit]

Cat's Royalty Dubai Cat Café, is one of a kind cat café located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.[6] The first café with freely moving felines opened in 2009 and then few more branches in 2013. Each place combines a little cozy café, a feline club, and, what is the most important, a "cat therapy" hall. There are 20 therapy cats of various breeds working there & meeting guests. This place is meant for everyone who loves cats, or for people who for some reason cannot afford having animals but wants to socialize with them, or for those who want to learn how to treat cats, to get to know more about them and their breeds. You can meet many purebred and rescued kitties in each café.


Many cats assemble for treat time at Norie Cat in Cheonan, Korea
  • In Korea, there is a chain called "Cat Attic" (Korean: 고양이다락방) with 9 locations in Seoul and Busan. "Norie Cat" (Korean: 노리캣) opened in November 2012 in Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, with around 20 cats, and there are many other privately owned cat cafés, especially in Seoul and other major cities.
  • In Malaysia, the "Purrfect Cat Café" opened in Georgetown, Penang. In February 2014 it had 8 cats.
  • In Bangkok, the Purr Cat Café Club boasts fourteen Persians as well as a cat beautician and outfit shop.[7]
  • In Chiang Mai, the Catmosphere Cat Café features 12 cats as well as a space theme with space-cat related artwork.
  • In Singapore, the first cat cafe is Neko no Niwa ( at Boat Quay and the second Cat cafe was opened on 22 June 2014 (


  • In Austria, one of the first cat cafés in Europe, Cafe Neko, opened in Vienna.[8]
  • In March 2012 the first planning application for a cat café in the UK was lodged.[9] This had to be withdrawn as the original site became unavailable. After the second planning application was passed for a new site,[10] the UK's first cat café opened in May 2013, in Totnes, Devon.[11] In December 2012, a campaign to open a cat café in London, England was launched.[12] The café will be populated by rescue cats,[13] and building work is under way.[14] London's Cat Café called Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium opened its doors in March 2014.[15]
  • In Hungary, one 'Cat Café Budapest' opened in February 2013,[16] and another in March 2013.[17]
  • In Germany, Cafe Katzentempel in Munich and Pee Pees Katzencafe in Berlin opened this 2013.[18]
  • In Spain, the first cat café "La Gatoteca", was opened on October 15, 2013 in Madrid. La Gatoteca.
  • In France, a cat café opened in Paris. "Le Café des Chats", in the Marais district, has formerly abandoned and homeless cats roaming around, for what the owner calls "purr therapy". The first weekend drew a record crowd, with bookings for the next two months.[19]
  • The UK's first cat café, Totnes Cat Cafe, opened in South Devon, May 2013.[20]
  • The Cat cafe in Lithuania Cat Cafe Kačių kavinė will open in Vilnius in September 2014.[21]
  • The first Cat Café in Italy, Neko Café, opened in Torino on 5 April 2014 [22]
  • The first Cat Café in the Netherlands opens in Amsterdam after a successful crowdfunding campaign.[23]
  • Two sisters are seeking to bring a cat cafe into Edinburgh Scotland. They say that the large student population and the number of housing units that don't allow pets make for a high number of residents who will want to enjoy a cup of coffee while interacting with a cat.[24]
  • Cafe Miao opened in Copenhagen
  • The first Cat Café in Finland, Kissakahvila Purnauskis will open in Tampere in October 2014.

North America[edit]

The first cat café to open in North America was Le Café des Chats/Cat Café Montreal [2] in Montreal, Canada, which opened its doors to the public Saturday 30 August 2014.

Several others are projected to open:


  • In Vancouver, British Columbia, plans for a location called Catfé are in the works for Fall 2014.[25][26]
  • Toronto's cat café, Kitty Cat Cafe, is projected to open in September 2014. Kitty Cat Cafe has launched a crowd funding campaign to help with the development costs
  • Toronto's Pet Me Meow, recently launched Canada's first Pop-Up Cat Café and is scheduled to open a permanent location early fall 2014. Partnered with Toronto Cat Rescue, Pet Me Meow will host rescue cats you can play with and adopt. More info can be found at [3]


  • In the United States two cat cafés are scheduled to open in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2014.[27]
  • San Diego's cat cafe has signed a lease for its location at 472 Third Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101 and the lease has been approved.[28][29]
  • In Portland, Oregon, Purringtons Cat Lounge have signed a lease and are set to open in December 2014 [30]
  • Denver Cat Company will be the first cat cafe in Denver, Colorado, with a former corporate litigator at its helm. [31]
  • A cat café called Seattle Meowtropolitan is planned to open in Seattle, WA
  • There are plans in the works for both a Hawaii location and Reno, Nevada location (more details soon, hopefully!)
  • Ohio has TWO cat cafes coming soon - The Cleveland Cat Cafe and Catmosphere [32] (hoping to open with a liquor license!) in Cincinnati, Ohio. (they'll both have more details for you soon, hopefully!)
  • New York City garnered fame for cat cafes with a Purina-sponsored pop-up, but now New York City might be getting its own permanent location! (more details soon, hopefully!)
  • Also, two ambitious ladies are looking at opening a cat cafe in Minneapolis, Minnesota (once again, more details soon, hopefully!).
  • KitTea's crowd funding campaign achieved its goal, with over 800 people contributing more than $50,000[33][34]
  • Southern California is the planned location of two cat cafes, with The Cat Cafe projected to open in the fall of 2014 [35] and Catfe planned for Los Angeles.[36]
  • One may open in Palm Beach, Florida. There was one looking at Boston, Massachusetts, but not much as been heard from them in the past year.
  • Seattle Kitty Kafe is planned to open in Seattle in 2014.

The Bahamas[edit]

  • In The Bahamas, the first cafe Bahamas First Cat Cafe [4] opened in July 2014 in Cable Beach.[37]


Australia's first Cat café, Cat Café Melbourne, is due to open in Melbourne in July 2014.[38]

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