Catarrhal Noise

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Catarrhal Noise
Origin Noale, Italy
Genres Hard rock
Heavy metal
Comedy rock
Years active 1994-2007
Labels Marco Forieri
B&B Communications
Associated acts Brothers of Whisky
Herman Medrano
Members Albyzzo
Past members Frankie Bello
Brasilian Bass
Rocky Gio

Catarrhal Noise is a hard rock/heavy metal band from Noale, Veneto, Italy.

The band was founded in September 1994, when Albyzzo and Ruzo (later known as Bullo) chose the name after a deep search inside an English dictionary.

They sing in Venetian, that is very hard to understand for foreigners, and even for an Italian living outside Veneto. Moreover, their lyrics are off-the-wall, with a heavy use of colloquial terms: a common concept in their concerts is the one of rujo, that can be approximately translated as extreme rudeness and unpoliteness and is often a term applied to people living in the country.

Anyway, the band was able to create a large following in Veneto and in other parts of northern Italy thanks to their highly energetic live shows.

They have successfully given 300 concerts, alternating powerful metal songs with comic segments. On July 3, 2004 they even opened a concert for legendary thrash metal band Anthrax.[1]

Since then, they have headlined several important independent hard rock festival in Veneto, such as Monteciorock in Montecchio Maggiore,[2] Rockonte in Villa del Conte[3] and MarcOn Festival in Marcon.[4]

On October 17, 2007 singer Bullo announced that all the other members had left Catarrhal Noise. The band is now on an indefinite hiatus.[5]



The group is currently on hiatus.


Regularly guest-starring on their albums and concerts was Herman Medrano, a Venetian rapper.


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